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Email Marketing

Who are the most popular email marketing and digital marketing campaigns?

It is always good to know how to make digital marketing campaigns efficient. Email marketing is one of the most important strategies in digital marketing which is used by manyonline marketing companiesOnline marketing companies use a lot in order to reach their customers very often. The feedbacks are also important in this matter because the brands need to know whether their campaigns are working or not.

There are many impressive email marketing campaigns. I gathered them and I found some of them worthy to mention.1. Uber: I will start with Uber’s email campaign. It is seen very simple but at the same time it is found tasteful. Uber always send different promotions and provides an amazing map as social media agencies emphasized.2. Litmus: Their email marketing design is found very interesting by many digital marketing agencies. They easily catch their audiences’ attention.3. BuzzFeed: They are seen as the best at writing awesome content. Their subject lines and preview make you want to open email immediately. 4. Taylor Stitch: They always think about their customers’ preferences and interests. Even though, their design is simple, they are good at catching the attention of audiences and make them open these emails.5.  Flock sends well-designed emails. They always know a good time to boost your productivity. 6. Headspace. It is a guided meditation app. They are successful in email marketing campaigns according to the surveys of social media agency in London.7. Starbucks: They give people a good reason to engage with emails. They know how to make you buy what they sell. 8. Sweetgreen: This salad company has a fresh and beautiful design. They say that ‘green looks good on you!’, so go and make an order with just a few steps.

Social Media

Who are the most popular accounts on social media? #digitalmarketing

In the modern era, people are addicted to using social media quite a lot. It is really hard to find a person who does not use social media because people are generally inclined to communicate with one another. In such a technological era, social media is a new way of building networks. Today, even relations begin, develop and end in social media.
There are many types of social media accounts. Some of these accounts for entertainment, some of them for finding jobs and some of them are there to shop. They have become popular because everyone has access to technological devices and the web. This development makes people’s lives easier. I investigate these accounts under a few categories.
Accounts for entertainment
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are the most common social media accounts that people use for entertainment. Apart from the aim of network with people and entertainment, people can also use these platforms to market or promote their business. We have seen so many accounts on Instagram which use digital marketing and sell their products. So online marketing has been possible with the spread of the usage of these accounts.
Accounts for communication
WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram are the most popular communication based social networking platforms. These platforms allow people to connect with each other through voice calls, video calls and text messaging. Such applications make people’s lives easier. That’s why they are widely used.
Accounts for job vacancies
LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites which is mostly used as a bridge among the jobseekers and the companies.
To sum up, as the spread of the web and the usage of technological devices people find themselves addicted to social media. Anything a person can think of can be accessed online and any problem has a solution over there. My point is that social media offers something for everyone.


What are the most popular influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencer marketing is a great option for brands to grab the attention of people. The content, in the form of text, graphics, visuals, and videos, has a great impact on the people. This impact can be used for running social media campaigns. Digital marketing jobs require knowledge of influencers. There are several influencer marketing campaigns which can be taken as an inspiration. These campaigns have urged people to trust in social media marketing in London and other countries. Let us discuss some of the popular influencer marketing campaigns in detail: –

  1. Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz is a famous brand of vehicles and it has a huge reputation. It has done a social media campaign in collaboration with the Instagram influence Loke, a dog, and Kelly Lund. The video got viral and seen by millions of people. The storytelling campaign with emotions and nature gave huge strength to the brand in digital marketing.
  2. Boxed Water
    Boxed Water is a water selling company. They worked on a noble cause of planting the trees in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation. They run a campaign on social media with the aid of influencers. The campaign was known as #Retree where they got huge support and views on social media. Social media agencies are inspired by this campaign.
  3. Microsoft
    Microsoft runs a campaign of inspiring the women to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in collaboration with National Geographic. They run the campaign of adding amazing photos with a story of a woman. It got a huge appreciation of the viewers and followers. The influencers played a huge role in this campaign.
    Digital marketing agency in London or any other region takes inspiration from these campaigns. These are the benchmark for digital marketing campaigns all across the world.
Social Media

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencers are playing a huge role in digital marketing. Online marketing companies keep them in their digital marketing strategies. The brands work with famous people for getting more attraction and customers. The trends are developing with the passage of time in this regard. Instagram influencers are getting more influence due to the rise of social media. Here are the latest trends in influencer marketing: –

  1. A social media agency is looking for nano-influencers and macro-influencers for taking advantages of them for targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Brands are looking for long-term relations with the influencers. Celebrities are being involved in online marketing campaigns.
  3. The rise of digital marketing jobs is becoming trendy and people are looking for becoming social media influencers.
  4. Video marketing is becoming trendy as people are more interested in watching video content as compared to reading the content. The trend is developing in terms of digital marketing.
  5. Facebook marketing is losing its power and a fall in Facebook reputation is expected. There is a lot of fake smells on Facebook which are a bad trend.
  6. Instagram is becoming trendy due to the high credibility of the influencers. A social media agency would love to take Instagram influencer for marketing as compared to other social media platforms.
  7. Brands are looking for the reliability apart from getting more followers. The credible and targeted marketing strategies are developing which are becoming trendy.
    These are the fields which must be focused in the upcoming days as far as the trends in influencer marketing are concerned. Social media agencies in London and other regions are looking to utilize these trends. The trend is a friend in every field of life as far as I think.
Email Marketing

What are the latest trends in email marketing and digital marketing?

The aim of email marketing is to introduce the brand or try to build loyalty and trust in the customer’s meeting. Considering these aims, many brands do have an email database which contains their customers’ emails. Frequently, they inform their customers by sending emails. The channels of digital marketing change over time. Trends of it change from time to time. Email marketing has the latest trends as any of the digital marketing tools as well. As we are in 2019, I will mention about what trends are expected in this year.

  1. According to social media agency in London, the email marketing landscape will continue to focus on personalization. Personalization is always important as social media agencies underline. It brings customers close to the brands.
  2. The growth of mobile average order value is expected to be more common for subscribers to buy larger orders on mobile devices.
  3. The rise of interactive content will continue according to social media agency in London. It can aid boost sales or simply educate or entertain.
  4. Loyalty programs will further extend to collect customer data. Many marketers already accepted these programs and in 2019 they will be more widespread.
  5. There will be continued tension among privacy and personalization.
  6. Email marketing’s importance is expected to grow as the social media landscape changes. According to some digital marketing companies, trust in social media companies is diminishing. Because of this assumption, email marketing will be further expanded.
  7. With the fruits of machine learning and technology, there will be smarter spam filters according to social media agencies.
  8. Marketers are also expected to send less email in 2019. However, there is a dilemma because in email marketing how marketers stop sending can emails? How will they make digital marketing work?

The most famous digital marketing and influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the best online marketing out there. The best thing that companies go for this digital marketing is that the influencers already have a strong following and can target a lot of people using their influence. Using the approach of the influencers, a large number of audience can be targeted. With the popularity of social media, the number of influencers has risen exponentially. Major brands are acquiring their services and the results have been astonishing. There have been many famous influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers range from actors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Few of them are:
Sprint: #LiveUnlimited
Sprint’s #LiveUnlimited is one of the best influencer marketing campaigns. They have used this digital marketing campaign and used the services of many influencers and entrepreneurs. They had acquired the services of Lele Pons, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, Bradley Martyn and Rachel Cook.
Old Navy: Boys & Girls Club of America
Old Navy is a big name in the world of digital marketing. They have been in the game for some time and are quite successful in it. They ran a big influencer campaign for Old Navy clothing. They had used the services of Alex Rodriguez in their influencer campaign. Alex Rodriguez is one of the biggest names in the world. Using his influence, they were able to generate $1 million worth of sales in a day during the Black Friday period.
Fiji Water: Bodyworewhat
Everyone knows Fiji brand but their campaign partners are more popular than them. They are known as weworewhat. They normally do digital marketing mainly through Instagram. They did a strong marketing campaign with popular influencer Danielle Bernstein and personal trainer Eric Johnson. They used social marketing by releasing eight-minute workout videos. They used mainly Danielle Bernstein to show the importance of hydration and market their brand.

Email Marketing, Social Media

The most famous digital marketing and email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have become one of the favourites of online marketing companies while preparing their digital marketing strategies. The reason behind this is the number of email users. Digital marketing companies aim to reach more audience and email is one of the ways to ensure it. They are used to convince the audience to get engaged with the company. In this short article, We curated our list of famous email campaigns:
Most famous campaigns chosen by social media marketing agencies

  1. PayPal: Good food. Good friends. A good way to split the bill. This is their opening and it is quite attractive and make people want to see the rest of it immediately.
  2. Buzzfeed: It is a newcomer to the digital marketing industry. It is very unique because they use segmentation in its intense. Therefore it is easy to subscribe to a number of newsletters.
  3. Lastminute: It sends regular newsletters to its subscribers showing the latest offers. Their email opening is very simple and straightforward. It only contains a headline, an image and a brief text which explain the offer.
  4. Nasty Gal: One of the main parts of successful email marketing campaigns is that they know how to accompany themselves the right way with other digital channels as Nasty Dal does.
  5. El Viajero Fisgon: One type of email marketing campaign that works very well is the one that focuses on illustrating a wide range of products and prices as they do. This is seen as one of the most successful email marketing by social media agencies in the UK.
  6. Loft: Aims to show their understanding of crazy mixed-value inbox. It is an effort to provide people with an email that you really want to open. These are seen as the customer-focused emails by digital marketing agencies, especially in the UK.
Social Media

The most famous digital marketing and community management flops

In this article, we will touch base on bad community management and the restrictions on communication members.
Bad community management and the mistakes
If community management is terrible it does not matter how good digital marketing is. There are mistakes that bad community management does in social media. Not posting on social networks consistently is one of the key mistakes. A lack of regular posting will make users doubt about reliability when it comes to social media. It may even cause to unfollows. Using the same content across all channels is another mistake. As we know that each social network has different audiences so it is important to choose the content in accordance with these audiences. Not having a solid content plan is the other mistake mostly made. What online marketing companies should do it to always try to connect their content with their brands. Deleting bad feedback is the most common mistake. Nobody likes criticism but there is no gain in denying it. Bad feedbacks should also be embraced and be used to correct the mistakes.
Restrictions on communication members
It is also important to touch this issue. There are restrictions put over the communication members. If they are not free enough and stick to “a to do list”, this will bring no benefit for these companies. Social media agencies recommend that members of community management should have their own ideas and be free.
There are social media platforms which failed miserably. Ping was launched by Apple but nobody liked that and it was doomed to failure. MySpace is another example. Vitalskate, Pownce, Digg and so on. This can be extended but the point is that the failure behind these platforms mostly rely on bad community management because they could not adapt to the changing circumstances especially in the areas of digital marketing and online marketing.


The Instagram Influencers’ Landscape within Digital Marketing

Instagram influencers are the users or account-holders which have a great impact on this social media. They have a huge number of followers on Instagram. They have huge credibility and trust due to their activeness on this social media platform. They have a huge awareness of the facts related to the audiences. Instagram influencers are playing a huge role in digital marketing.
Role of Instagram Influencer in Digital Marketing.

The social media agencies know the importance of these influencers are they use them in their digital marketing campaigns. It is an effective marketing strategy to use these influencers for getting the better attraction of the customers towards a brand. These influencers get paid by the social media agency for spreading a particular hashtag.

Social media marketing London is highly dependent on these influencers as people of London spend their time on social media. The influencers help the social media agency to transfer high-quality content to the right audiences. There is a great chance of an increase in the brand value which uses the Instagram influencers in the digital marketing campaigns.

Instagram influencers have a huge awareness of the audiences due to their experience. They know what people want to hear more than the brand itself. The brand can utilize the effective traits of the influencers for spreading its message or product to the audience in a compelling manner. There is, no doubt, a huge role of Instagram influencers in digital marketing.
The successful companies have the support and services of the Instagram influencers in their digital marketing campaigns as they know the importance of their role. These influencers have a much better experience of content marketing which is their power. Content is the power of a brand on social media. Social media agencies also use these influencers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing with digital marketing: tools and best practices

Even though some people think that the importance of email marketing will diminish soon, It will remain as one of the most important digital marketing strategies in this era. So the market of email marketing grows day by day.
Tools to use improve email marketing campaigns

  1. Using split testing: It is seen as the best way to test email marketing hypotheses by social media agencies.
  2. Being a storyteller: It is one of the oldest principles in direct sales but it is important to merge this old-fashion traditional marketing strategy to digital marketing.
  3. Use CTAs to introduce users to your funnel: As storytelling is very important the brands need to try pairing stories with CTAs.
  4. Incorporate welcome emails: It is about writing effective welcome emails to build stronger relations.
  5. Send relevant content: Social media agencies recommend avoiding Gmail’s promotions tab and getting emails opened and read.
  6. Segment your list: It is about segmenting the email list and driving maximum engagement.
  7. Measure results: It is important to measure the success of an email campaign in digital marketing.
  8. Consider email frequency: Considering the frequency of sending email is very important as well according to social media agency in London.
    Best Practices
  9. Before sending a campaign, be sure is very important about testing content. So you avoid sending emails with missing data or broken links.
  10. Open and click tracking is turned on for campaigns by default.
  11. Building a clean list is important. If a company collects emails but haven’t sent an email to its subscribers, it should make a clean list to be sure if they still want to get emails.
    As we can infer from tools and practices, there are many ways to be good at email marketing.
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