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7 simple tactics for personalization used by a digital marketing agency

As a digital marketing agency, we recognize the importance of reaching customers on an individual level instead of pushing one message out to everyone. Personalization can be integrated into website copy, eBooks, webinars, emails, social media posts, interactive content, you name it.

Here are some digital marketing methods which you can implement once you have your overall personalization strategy planned.

  1. Send emails from the name of an actual person, not a brand – One of the most used method by every digital marketing agency for personalization is email. A digital marketing company would advise you to make your emails look more authentic by addressing them from the name of someone on your marketing or executive team for example, instead of from the brand.
  2. Use Marketing Automation Tools – By using automation tools any digital marketing agency can trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on content interests. For example, if a lead downloads an eBook focused on a specific topic, the digital marketing agency can put them in an email track that is targeted at a specific message relevant to their interest and also acknowledge that they have already accessed some of your content.
  3. Segment your Email Database by Persona – Every digital marketing company will tell you that there are many ways in which you can segment email database. However, the easiest and often most effective one, according to almost any digital marketing agency, is to segment them by persona. Once you have your marketing personas defined, introduce personalized messages to each one, using language that hits on specific pain points.
  4. Use the recipients’’ names – Every smart digital marketing agency is running away from the typical “Dear Customer,” type of email openings. This definitely won’t get you closer to the personalization goals. We recommend you use your lead’s real and verified name instead!
  5. Create persona-driven content – When a digital marketing agency begins the shift towards personalization, the keyway is to create more persona-driven content. One-size-fits-all content most certainly does not fit all. Personalized content can help you tailor your messages to the right audience you want to reach.
  6. Respond to customers personally on social media – More and more customers are using social media as their primary source when in the research phase of making a purchase according to every digital media agency. So, you need to make sure you are there too! Try to monitor your social media activity on a regular basis and make sure you are providing the most appropriate content and responses to meet each person’s individual. Needs.
  7. Create targeted leading pages – Targeted landing pages are Web pages that contain detailed information about a marketing offer or message and that attempt to make a convincing argument for why the recipient should join the ranks of the converted.
Digital Marketing, Social Media

Colour psychology used by a digital marketing agency

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been thinking about why leading brands use certain colours in their branding and marketing? Don’t we all think of Coca-Cola the second we see the typical eye-catching red they have been using? Truth is, brands do not choose those colours randomly. Strange as it may seem, colours impact how your brain views the world. Almost every digital marketing company is trying to use colour psychology to influence consumers’ attitudes, behaviours and decision making.

Colour Psychology in Digital Marketing

Every digital marketing agency will tell you that today, more than ever, it is crucial for brands to develop a strong visual image and use it consistently among all marketing channels. Making a great first impression is essential and colour is an excellent way to grab viewers’ attention and convey meaning. The best tip a digital marketing agency can give you is that even if you have the most amazing content, but you fail to trigger a positive emotional connection in your prospective customers through the power of colours, they won’t remain on your channel or view your digital marketing.

Synchronizing colour with branding visually helps tell a story and sets the tone for how it is perceived by the customer. When building your brand around colour, you should choose a colour representing the desired association and consistently apply the colour to your logo, advertising, and website design.

On the matter of how to choose the right colour our digital marketing agency advice would be to consider your marketing goals are and what response you want from your customers. Do you want people to get excited when they see your brand? Think about your target market. What are they attracted to? What are their values and aspirations? When designing your website or digital marketing, consider which color might drive traffic, clicks, and encourage users in your company’s niche to act or purchase. 

Ways to use colour

  • Complementation – This refers to seeing colours in relation to other colours. What some of the digital marketing agency does is to use colours on opposite sides of the color spectrum. In this way, the design is visually appealing due to the eye being provided a balance rather than straining to see a particular color.
  • Contrast – Every digital marketing agency will tell you this is a very effective way to capture users’ attention because the elements on the page will be clearly divided and this will also reduce eyestrain. For example, if your website has a dark background a digital marketing agency advises to use a lighter colour for the main content. Using a variety of contrasting colors can help focus the viewer’s attention on specific page elements.
  • Vibrancy – Almost every digital marketing company is using brighter colours for designs when they want to make users feel more energetic, which can be a powerful tool in advertising. Darker coulour shades, on the other hand, tend to relax the mind and allow them to focus on something else. It is important to think about those emotions you are encoding into your design by using certain colours

Furthermore, each colour has a significant way in which it is used by brands, so stay tuned to learn more about Colour Psychology from a digital marketing agency London and get a deeper understanding of how to integrate this strategy in your marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing, Social Media

Our digital marketing agency favourite campaigns

Our digital marketing agency is launching a series of articles looking at some of the most successful marketing campaigns from which every digital marketing company or business can learn.

Here are the first two picks.

P&G: “Thank you mom”

P&G managed to take the amazing opportunity of signing a sponsorship deal with the U.S. Olympic Committee for the 2010 Winter Games. This led to them launching a campaign that every digital marketing agency still admires. It is a series of award-winning ads that far outpaced what P&G has done around the Olympics, starting with an 18-brand effort P&G put together on relatively short notice for 2010. After the hurry-up affair in 2010, what followed was a bigger global effort behind “Thank You Mom” during the 2012 London Olympics and evolved into an ongoing one. The campaign is celebrating the purest kind of love – a mother’s love for her child.

Surprisingly enough, the primary focus of all of the campaign’s commercials has nothing to do with P&G products, except for the brand logos flashing at the end. Instead, they are all about how mothers are the driving force behind the children who turn into the world’s greatest athletes, supporting them through every challenge on the way to their goals.

The campaign’s lasting success can be put down to a combination of timing (it has been accompanying the Olympic games since 2010), memorable musicpowerful images and universality (mothers all over the world can trace a part of themselves in the ads and feel like P&G is there to support them, which is also enforced by the slogan “Proud sponsor of moms”). Therefore, P&G is successfully increasing the love of their company’s target groups (i.e. mothers) have for the brand and creates a loyal and supportive customer base.

Furthermore, the campaign has encouraged the involvement of the audience through the hashtag “Thank you, mom” in Facebook and Twitter as well as through the launch of an app that allowed people to create personalized ‘thank you’ videos for their mothers.

A perfect example of how much the simple but moving value of motherly love can achieve such great results and make everyone engage.

Nike: Dream Crazier

Not for the first time the brand created a digital campaign from which every digital marketing company will learn. With just one well-placed, perfectly timed and developed advertisement, Nike put every digital marketing agency to shame and won the internet.

For this campaign, Nike used a multi-platform distribution strategy to ensure maximum reach and engagement. This is clearly what Nike did, with its Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook “Dream Crazier” ads all landing in the top ten. Nike also leveraged, directly and indirectly, the power of creators and media publishers (e.g. working with Serena Williams).

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” as ran during the 2019 Oscars awards show, narrated by the much-loved tennis star Serena Williams who speaks about the head-shaking dismissiveness female athletes regularly endure—many of those who have broken barriers in sports have been called “crazy.”

As a digital marketing agency, we say that you can actually copy their video and marketing strategies. You too could get the internet talking about your brand by distributing one well-executed ad equally across the social platforms best suited to your audience. Then all you have to do is let everyone else do the talking for you

Stay tuned for our digital marketing agency picks of the top marketing campaigns which are literally making history. 

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