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Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Landscape

According to digital marketing agencies’ statistics, the number of e-mail users will keep growing and it will be around 3.7 billion by 2022. Considering this thought, we can say that e-mail marketing is one of the most important channels that ties business marketing strategy. It stays as one of the most effective and useful channels when we talk about generating returns on investment. It is important for digital marketing companies to develop their email performances. In order to do this, they need to grow their email list because it is a way to remind themselves to their customers, going mobile is important and even though some people think that the era of the email will come to an end, they should deny and get prepared for better for email marketing term.
About the future of e-mail marketing
2019 is expected to be the year of customer experience email marketing. It means customers expect brands to deliver on the original promise they signed up when they subscribed to the email program. It is important because even though some people subscribe for some certain features, companies send all of the emails to everyone who subscribed.
Brand authenticity and customer-centric marketing are expected to shine.
New Marketing Opportunities But Low Adoption: Digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom mentions about the importance of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will continue to grow in all aspects of email. It is expected to improve the way the brands reach people via email.
Big Privacy: Privacy is an important issue. Marketers must protect personal data provided by email. Otherwise, it would be a violation of their rights.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing with digital marketing: tools and best practices

Even though some people think that the importance of email marketing will diminish soon, It will remain as one of the most important digital marketing strategies in this era. So the market of email marketing grows day by day.
Tools to use improve email marketing campaigns

  1. Using split testing: It is seen as the best way to test email marketing hypotheses by social media agencies.
  2. Being a storyteller: It is one of the oldest principles in direct sales but it is important to merge this old-fashion traditional marketing strategy to digital marketing.
  3. Use CTAs to introduce users to your funnel: As storytelling is very important the brands need to try pairing stories with CTAs.
  4. Incorporate welcome emails: It is about writing effective welcome emails to build stronger relations.
  5. Send relevant content: Social media agencies recommend avoiding Gmail’s promotions tab and getting emails opened and read.
  6. Segment your list: It is about segmenting the email list and driving maximum engagement.
  7. Measure results: It is important to measure the success of an email campaign in digital marketing.
  8. Consider email frequency: Considering the frequency of sending email is very important as well according to social media agency in London.
    Best Practices
  9. Before sending a campaign, be sure is very important about testing content. So you avoid sending emails with missing data or broken links.
  10. Open and click tracking is turned on for campaigns by default.
  11. Building a clean list is important. If a company collects emails but haven’t sent an email to its subscribers, it should make a clean list to be sure if they still want to get emails.
    As we can infer from tools and practices, there are many ways to be good at email marketing.
Email Marketing, Social Media

The most famous digital marketing and email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have become one of the favourites of online marketing companies while preparing their digital marketing strategies. The reason behind this is the number of email users. Digital marketing companies aim to reach more audience and email is one of the ways to ensure it. They are used to convince the audience to get engaged with the company. In this short article, We curated our list of famous email campaigns:
Most famous campaigns chosen by social media marketing agencies

  1. PayPal: Good food. Good friends. A good way to split the bill. This is their opening and it is quite attractive and make people want to see the rest of it immediately.
  2. Buzzfeed: It is a newcomer to the digital marketing industry. It is very unique because they use segmentation in its intense. Therefore it is easy to subscribe to a number of newsletters.
  3. Lastminute: It sends regular newsletters to its subscribers showing the latest offers. Their email opening is very simple and straightforward. It only contains a headline, an image and a brief text which explain the offer.
  4. Nasty Gal: One of the main parts of successful email marketing campaigns is that they know how to accompany themselves the right way with other digital channels as Nasty Dal does.
  5. El Viajero Fisgon: One type of email marketing campaign that works very well is the one that focuses on illustrating a wide range of products and prices as they do. This is seen as one of the most successful email marketing by social media agencies in the UK.
  6. Loft: Aims to show their understanding of crazy mixed-value inbox. It is an effort to provide people with an email that you really want to open. These are seen as the customer-focused emails by digital marketing agencies, especially in the UK.
Email Marketing

What are the latest trends in email marketing and digital marketing?

The aim of email marketing is to introduce the brand or try to build loyalty and trust in the customer’s meeting. Considering these aims, many brands do have an email database which contains their customers’ emails. Frequently, they inform their customers by sending emails. The channels of digital marketing change over time. Trends of it change from time to time. Email marketing has the latest trends as any of the digital marketing tools as well. As we are in 2019, I will mention about what trends are expected in this year.

  1. According to social media agency in London, the email marketing landscape will continue to focus on personalization. Personalization is always important as social media agencies underline. It brings customers close to the brands.
  2. The growth of mobile average order value is expected to be more common for subscribers to buy larger orders on mobile devices.
  3. The rise of interactive content will continue according to social media agency in London. It can aid boost sales or simply educate or entertain.
  4. Loyalty programs will further extend to collect customer data. Many marketers already accepted these programs and in 2019 they will be more widespread.
  5. There will be continued tension among privacy and personalization.
  6. Email marketing’s importance is expected to grow as the social media landscape changes. According to some digital marketing companies, trust in social media companies is diminishing. Because of this assumption, email marketing will be further expanded.
  7. With the fruits of machine learning and technology, there will be smarter spam filters according to social media agencies.
  8. Marketers are also expected to send less email in 2019. However, there is a dilemma because in email marketing how marketers stop sending can emails? How will they make digital marketing work?
Email Marketing

Who are the most popular email marketing and digital marketing campaigns?

It is always good to know how to make digital marketing campaigns efficient. Email marketing is one of the most important strategies in digital marketing which is used by manyonline marketing companiesOnline marketing companies use a lot in order to reach their customers very often. The feedbacks are also important in this matter because the brands need to know whether their campaigns are working or not.

There are many impressive email marketing campaigns. I gathered them and I found some of them worthy to mention.1. Uber: I will start with Uber’s email campaign. It is seen very simple but at the same time it is found tasteful. Uber always send different promotions and provides an amazing map as social media agencies emphasized.2. Litmus: Their email marketing design is found very interesting by many digital marketing agencies. They easily catch their audiences’ attention.3. BuzzFeed: They are seen as the best at writing awesome content. Their subject lines and preview make you want to open email immediately. 4. Taylor Stitch: They always think about their customers’ preferences and interests. Even though, their design is simple, they are good at catching the attention of audiences and make them open these emails.5.  Flock sends well-designed emails. They always know a good time to boost your productivity. 6. Headspace. It is a guided meditation app. They are successful in email marketing campaigns according to the surveys of social media agency in London.7. Starbucks: They give people a good reason to engage with emails. They know how to make you buy what they sell. 8. Sweetgreen: This salad company has a fresh and beautiful design. They say that ‘green looks good on you!’, so go and make an order with just a few steps.

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5 Digital Marketing Myths

Here are our top 5 Digital Marketing myths you should not fall for!

1. It’s all about tech

Of course, technology plays a vital role in digital marketing and in everything else in our lives nowadays, doesn’t it? However, it does not mean that the old techniques that have been used in marketing should be neglected. You can use them as a foundation for your digital marketing efforts. It is important not to view them as separate disciplines. Merging your traditional and digital marketing can make the shift of your marketing strategy move towards digital way easier and effective. Use your existing knowledge, but definitely save time and money by going digital!

2. There are too many social platforms to keep up with

We all feel overwhelmed by the constantly increasing number of social platforms. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them, but this doesn’t mean you cannot conquer each one though. It is important to be presented on all of the social platforms that your targeted audience is using. Each social network attracts a different clientele which gives you the opportunity to boost your brand. If you have the resources and the time, definitely invest it into creating and running company pages on each of the relevant social media platforms and think outside of the box!

3. SEO can be done overnight

Incorrect. SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there, but it’s not a ‘quick fix’. The timeline will vary, but you can expect to see SEO results within 3 to 6 months. It’s important to allow time for search engines to establish where to place you. This might seem pretty time-consuming, but once your website is ranking, it’s on the road to success.

Most businesses struggle to find the time to deal with their SEO, and as a result, end up losing visibility online. In those cases, it is better to hire professionals to deal with it and help you achieve the desired results

4. You’ll rank better and quicker if you have more content on your site

It is undoubtful that Google favours websites that publish content regularly, but once again, quality is far more important than quantity. Do not forget that!

If you take the initiative to publish too often, soon you’ll find yourself out of original ideas and not publishing the best out can put out there. This is going to affect your rankings immediately and lead to negative and undesired results. If you spend more time focusing on the quality of your posts, however, then they’ll have a far higher chance of ranking. So, one high quality post with great rankings and engagement is far better than many poorly performing ones, isn’t it?

5. You should just focus on one marketing channel

Wrong! Each social media platform has different points to tap on in your digital marketing strategy. That’s why it is important to test out the different options which are out there and work out what is best for your business. Establish the trends of your target market to help you out here; where are your audience spending their time? What are they searching for? What age group do they sit in? Answering those questions will help you make the most effective choice that will work best with your target audience.

Email Marketing

10 great tips to create stunning email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a great asset to digital marketing. Emails bringing the customers as they have the power to convince them. There are some interesting ideas and facts related to email marketing. Digital marketing agency always tries to use new ideas for creating perfect campaigns. Social media London has a reputation in terms of email marketing. Here are a few tips which will help you to create stunning email marketing campaigns: –

  1. Always try to target the right audiences for your emails. Use the social media management London or the experts in your own location in this regard. A social agency can help you to find the right audience.
  2. Personalize the emails as the more personal you will get, the more customers you will gain.
  3. Always try to stay simple in writing the email content.
  4. Don’t write too much in a single copy.
  5. Always try to stay precise and concise.
  6. You must have a call to action in the email.
  7. Create compelling content by using the right words.
  8. The title of the email matters a lot in digital marketing. You need to choose the right title and right ending as well.
  9. Learn from a digital marketing course online free. Knowledge is directly proportional to the success in this field. You need to utilize your knowledge and experience for achieving the goals.
  10. Always try to focus on the main aim of the mail. Your content is your strength and you must have to bring innovation and interest in the content.
    Email marketing has a great future. You are advised to learn well for becoming an improved social marketer. You can also take the service of a social media platform for getting a good start.
Email Marketing

10 tools to master your email and digital marketing

Email marketing has evolved since the beginnings of the 1970s. It is expected by online marketing companies that email users will increase to 4.3 billion by 2022. With this amount of email users, marketers view email marketing as a clever digital marketing strategy. Email may not be the easiest channel to master but there is a wide range of email marketing to help companies in their digital marketing strategies. It is obvious that it is not easy but there are tools to master companies’ email marketing. In this short article, I gathered 10 tools which are the top for social media marketing agencies.
Social media marketing agencies’ top tools for email marketing

  1. Forget helps users to create a checklist to keep on top of things. This form will make companies updated during the process when building email.
  2. Trello allows users to cooperate seamlessly, checking different duties, archiving completed jobs and assigning roles. It is a very useful platform around the world, especially for remote workers.
  3. Contactually offers a Customer Relationship Management platform which can vet the contacts. It can gather information from an email inbox, website and social media.
  4. Zoho is a multichannel Customer Relationship Management that gathers multiple data from different touch points as targeted by the companies.
  5. Drip helps eCommerce companies about marketing automation. Designing custom emails is one of the helpful features of Drips.
  6. E-goi provides companies to send out alternative marketing messages.
  7. MoonMail is a free ESP targeted for small business and people who have small mailing lists.
  8. AWeber is a very popular email marketing tool which helps to create and send effective emails. It also provides pop-ups and sign-up forms which can be added to the website or social media accounts.
  9. Adobe helps users about designing. There are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, and so on.
  10. MotionMail provides users to catch attention to use a countdown timer. It offers free to count down timers, which integrate with most email marketing systems.
Email Marketing

20 best in art tools to master your email marketing

As digital marketing has become very popular in this technological era, online marketing companies have built clear digital marketing strategies. One of them is to use email marketing in digital marketing. Most digital marketing channels set their goal as providing customers with superior customer experience. In this competitive online marketing world, it might be hard for digital marketing companies to sustain their presence. In order to ensure their presence, they might be good at this and use the best art tools to succeed it. To have enough audience, it is important to have emails that carry such features: interactive, optimized for delivery, having catchy pre-headers, carrying cool designs, compatible across the email clients, personalized, automated and relevant.
Besides having these features, there are popular tools to use according to social media agencies.

  1. Litmus is a testing tool which allows users to test all emails and guarantee they are compatible.
  2. Email on Acid is an email and landing page testing tool which let users check the compatibility of emails in multiple clients.
  3. Email spam test allows users to identify if their email is to hit the spam box.
  4. Touchstone is another tool to test subject lines in a period of time.
  5. Litmus Scope is created by Litmus to allow users to scope an email from inside.
  6. Premailer is known as preflights HTML e-mail. It allows making CSS inline, converting links and warning about the codes which are not supported.
  7. Beaker provides users to convert HTML emails to plain text easily.
  8. Avari provides users to produce real-time content recommendations that convert more customers and delivers.
  9. Nifty images help to send dynamic images in emails and let using pre-designed images, uploading and customizing them.
  10. PowerInbox provides an implementation solution, dynamic animation and so on.
  11. LiveIntent provides real-time advertising technology for emails.
  12. Real-time email offers real-time capabilities to deliver live videos, images, maps.
  13. Rebelmail provides to send out interactive emails.
  14. Send with Us is a tool which provides sending transactional emails without the assistance of designers or developers.
  15. Drip makes users enable tagging subscribers, provides liquid templating system.
  16. Skymosity let creating automated triggered email campaigns depending on weather conditions, emergency alerts.
  17. FeedBlitz is an important tool for creating mailings from personal blogs, managing multiple mailing lists and so on.
  18. Tinyletter let users send updates, digests directly from email and offer a clean writing experience.
  19. BombBomb provides recording and sending email from Gmail, mobile or web.
  20. Boomtrain aims at bringing an end to rules based email marketing and manual list segmentation.
Email Marketing

2019 Best Practices in Digital Marketing and Email Marketing

As known, email marketing is a very important component of digital marketing. Social media agencies in the UK always suggest that companies should increase their sphere of influence via digital marketing tools. The email marketing is evolving rapidly and it might be hard for companies to catch the developments up. There are online marketing companies which are successful in email marketing and I gathered some of the best practices in email marketing below. As social media agencies in London underline that if companies do not want to be left behind, they need to consider and follow these practices carefully.
Best Practices

  1. Personalization will remain important. It is no longer optional and it is seen as a must to do.
  2. Email automation is expected to continue to rise. Email automation is so affordable and easy to use for companies.
  3. Emphasis on transparency and authenticity are expected to increase. Email marketers have become more transparent about sponsored posts. Alongside with it, authenticity and trust are needed.
  4. A greater focus will be on mobile in digital marketing. Emails are easy to read online. Considering this convenience, there will be a shift about this issue to make users utilize.
  5. Growing a clean and engaged email list will be a top priority. The main aim of the companies is to reach more audience and email is one of the ways to ensure it. However, they are already aware that clear and engaged email lists are much better for them to know their audience.
  6. Artificial intelligence will become more accessible. It suggests ways to better segment email list, sprinkling in specific product recommendations and even designing more personal experience. Being aware of them, it is obvious that artificial intelligence will gain much more important in digital marketing.
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