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The Instagram Influencers’ Landscape within Digital Marketing

Instagram influencers are the users or account-holders which have a great impact on this social media. They have a huge number of followers on Instagram. They have huge credibility and trust due to their activeness on this social media platform. They have a huge awareness of the facts related to the audiences. Instagram influencers are playing a huge role in digital marketing.
Role of Instagram Influencer in Digital Marketing.

The social media agencies know the importance of these influencers are they use them in their digital marketing campaigns. It is an effective marketing strategy to use these influencers for getting the better attraction of the customers towards a brand. These influencers get paid by the social media agency for spreading a particular hashtag.

Social media marketing London is highly dependent on these influencers as people of London spend their time on social media. The influencers help the social media agency to transfer high-quality content to the right audiences. There is a great chance of an increase in the brand value which uses the Instagram influencers in the digital marketing campaigns.

Instagram influencers have a huge awareness of the audiences due to their experience. They know what people want to hear more than the brand itself. The brand can utilize the effective traits of the influencers for spreading its message or product to the audience in a compelling manner. There is, no doubt, a huge role of Instagram influencers in digital marketing.
The successful companies have the support and services of the Instagram influencers in their digital marketing campaigns as they know the importance of their role. These influencers have a much better experience of content marketing which is their power. Content is the power of a brand on social media. Social media agencies also use these influencers.


The most famous digital marketing and influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the best online marketing out there. The best thing that companies go for this digital marketing is that the influencers already have a strong following and can target a lot of people using their influence. Using the approach of the influencers, a large number of audience can be targeted. With the popularity of social media, the number of influencers has risen exponentially. Major brands are acquiring their services and the results have been astonishing. There have been many famous influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers range from actors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. Few of them are:
Sprint: #LiveUnlimited
Sprint’s #LiveUnlimited is one of the best influencer marketing campaigns. They have used this digital marketing campaign and used the services of many influencers and entrepreneurs. They had acquired the services of Lele Pons, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, Bradley Martyn and Rachel Cook.
Old Navy: Boys & Girls Club of America
Old Navy is a big name in the world of digital marketing. They have been in the game for some time and are quite successful in it. They ran a big influencer campaign for Old Navy clothing. They had used the services of Alex Rodriguez in their influencer campaign. Alex Rodriguez is one of the biggest names in the world. Using his influence, they were able to generate $1 million worth of sales in a day during the Black Friday period.
Fiji Water: Bodyworewhat
Everyone knows Fiji brand but their campaign partners are more popular than them. They are known as weworewhat. They normally do digital marketing mainly through Instagram. They did a strong marketing campaign with popular influencer Danielle Bernstein and personal trainer Eric Johnson. They used social marketing by releasing eight-minute workout videos. They used mainly Danielle Bernstein to show the importance of hydration and market their brand.


What are the most popular influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencer marketing is a great option for brands to grab the attention of people. The content, in the form of text, graphics, visuals, and videos, has a great impact on the people. This impact can be used for running social media campaigns. Digital marketing jobs require knowledge of influencers. There are several influencer marketing campaigns which can be taken as an inspiration. These campaigns have urged people to trust in social media marketing in London and other countries. Let us discuss some of the popular influencer marketing campaigns in detail: –

  1. Mercedes Benz
    Mercedes Benz is a famous brand of vehicles and it has a huge reputation. It has done a social media campaign in collaboration with the Instagram influence Loke, a dog, and Kelly Lund. The video got viral and seen by millions of people. The storytelling campaign with emotions and nature gave huge strength to the brand in digital marketing.
  2. Boxed Water
    Boxed Water is a water selling company. They worked on a noble cause of planting the trees in collaboration with the National Forest Foundation. They run a campaign on social media with the aid of influencers. The campaign was known as #Retree where they got huge support and views on social media. Social media agencies are inspired by this campaign.
  3. Microsoft
    Microsoft runs a campaign of inspiring the women to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in collaboration with National Geographic. They run the campaign of adding amazing photos with a story of a woman. It got a huge appreciation of the viewers and followers. The influencers played a huge role in this campaign.
    Digital marketing agency in London or any other region takes inspiration from these campaigns. These are the benchmark for digital marketing campaigns all across the world.

10 great tips to create stunning influencer marketing campaigns

Social media is a big platform today and social media marketing is the new buzz amongst marketing companies and brands. Brands collaborate with influencers to come up with cost-effective and efficient marketing campaigns. Let us look at some of the tips to create stunning influencer marketing campaigns.

Freebies and offers through influencers
Who does not like free stuff? Make sure you give free stuff to your audience on the social media platform through the influencer. These free stuff could be products or experiences based on what your brand offers. An influencer can conduct contests, Q&As to engage with their audience and give freebies, this also creates hype about the campaign. Offers for the products using discount codes can be a win-win for both the influencer and the brand.
Leverage Stories!
Social media platforms offer stories and a sizeable audience view stories though they may not check their social media feed. Make sure to leverage the story feature in your platform to create interesting content for the brand and engage with the audience.
Honest product reviews and experiences
Aren’t we tired of seeing fake ads, overhyped experiences and incorrect product reviews? An honest product review which is detailed and covers both the pros and cons of the product and lets the audience decide is the need of the hour and helps in gaining the customer trust as well.
Collaborate with other influencers
A lot of influencers collaborate with others to extend their reach to a bigger audience. For instance, a social media travel influencer can collaborate with a social media lifestyle influencer on things one might need when travelling to a specific place. Brands can benefit from this extended audience base.


10 tools to master your influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach a larger volume of people using fewer resources. Due to the fan-base of the influencer, the trend of online marketing has changed. Influencer marketing may seem a straightforward thing.

Giving offers
Giving offers to the fan-base can help you give exposure to maximum people without utilizing a lot of resources. Cost-friendly operations are the basis of any social agency. Using the giveaway offers, you can market the products and have interactions with the fan-base.
Use live streams

Livestreams can be helpful if you are using digital marketing platforms. The best thing about live streams is that you can connect with the fan-base directly which surely helps in marketing the products or services.

Do Q/A
This is a new trend in online marketing using influencers. People feel connected and in touch with you when you do Q/A with them. There are many social marketing jobs which are dedicated for this purpose alone. You can also give gifts to people to involve more people in the Q/A session.

This is also a new trend in social marketing. Social marketing agencies have incorporated this tool in maximizing their outcome. The shoutouts need to be effective and be at the right time. It should have a proper theme and should connect with the people.

Give honest product reviews
In social marketing, the influencers don’t give people an honest assessment of the products. People like to follow those influencers that give honest product reviews. People see through the fakeness and the lack of credibility reduces your fanbase. It is essential for any influencer to be in a relationship with a company whose products or services they like.


20 Best in art tools to be a successful Instagram influencer

With 22% of the millennials ranking Instagram as their favourite social media platform, it is no wonder that a large number of brands are flocking Instagram for their digital marketing. This trend has given rise to numerous influencers on Instagram. Let us look at some of the best tools to be a successful Instagram influencer.
Choose your Niche
A cluttered Instagram feed with no theme or various themes is a mess. Be wise and choose your niche first. See where your interests lie and choose a niche for yourself. Your niche could be lifestyle, travel, food or anything that basically interests you. Most popular influencers choose one niche and stick with it on their social media platform.
Regular content, interesting stories and Visually appealing pictures
Once you decide your niche make sure you post content regularly on your Instagram feed. Inactive profiles and lack of regular engaging content is a big no for digital marketing! Stories are powerful tools to keep your audience engaged, use this tool to make your social media posts more interesting. And finally, what people see is what they buy, make your posts as visually appealing as possible. You can make use of photo editing tools, video editing tools to make your posts more appealing. Regular content, interesting stories and visually appealing posts is a winning social media combination!
Give away and offers!
Who doesn’t like free stuff? Make sure you engage with your audience with small contests, live Q&A or other means like polls and so on and be sure to give away something to a few of your social media audience. This will keep the audience excited and looking for more. Also, collaborating with brands be it small, medium or large brands to provide exciting offers for your audience could be fun.


2019 best practices in influencer marketing

This is the world of marketing. The world is so much connected with each other due to the explosion of the internet and especially social media. Influencers are a great way to market the product, services or anything you want. Influencers are people that have a strong social campaign and there is a prominent social media agency behind those influencers. There are many practices in influencer marketing but the best practices of 2019 are:
Don’t be Alone
In the field of digital marketing, you can’t do everything by yourself. You need to have a strong digital marketing agency to help you connect with people. Those people are professional and have an experience that can help you in achieving your milestones more efficiently. People may consider marketing a simple thing but there are a lot of factors and complications if you don’t have the right people with you.
Timely Payment of dues
Payment needs to be on time. In any online marketing, various departments are connected with each other. They need to be paid their dues on time to work efficiently. Many people ignore this aspect but it is one of the most crucial practices that need to be fulfilled. When a client gives the social agency, their payment on time, it helps you create a better understanding and relationship with them. A good working relationship is helpful for attaining your objectives.
Feedback is important for any social media agency. Feedback helps you find the flaws in your online marketing strategies. It would be a complete wastage of the resources if a company doesn’t listen to the people’s feedback. In a good social media agency, there is a department dedicated to collect data about consumer feedback. They use that data to rectify or amend the mistakes in the marketing process.


Defining the next influencer marketing frontier

Influencer marketing is getting popular with the passage of time due to its huge impact in digital marketing. Influencers are finding digital marketing jobs and partnerships from huge brands. These deals mainly focus on the mutual benefits of online marketing campaigns. The next influencer marketing frontier is to create more benefits for the influencers and brands at the same time on all social media platforms.
Future of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is becoming a huge field as both macro and micro level influencers are getting the attention of the digital marketing agency. Here are the few frontiers of influencer marketing in the near future: –

  1. We will witness diversity in the status of the influencers as the micro-influencers are getting attention from the brands and companies.
  2. We will witness some new means of communication among the top influencers for making a united approach in this field of digital marketing.
  3. Entry barriers are also waiting for the influencers as there is huge competition. This competition is good for the authentication of the influencers.
  4. We will see the transparency and regulatory crackdown in the field of influencer marketing. Social media agency in the UK and other agencies are facing regulatory issues.
  5. We will see innovations from the platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in terms of influencer marketing. They will try to take more benefits in the form of profit.
  6. The new influencers will face a hard time due to the restrictions and strengthened policies.

The future of influencer marketing is bright and those who work hard will get paid. The previous influencers will get more benefits as compared to the new users. Hope for the best as we are becoming more and more digital.

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