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What does social media look like in the beginning of the new decade

Social media space is changing every minute even if we do not notice it. Think about it! During last year, micro video app TikTok hit 1.5 billion downloads1 while Facebook breached data protection laws in the Cambridge Analytica scandal2. Trying to get used to the idea of always expecting the unexpected, here are three predictions and trends that seem to be standing strong.


IGTV is Instagram’s standalone video app. After a bit of a rocky start due to creators struggling to work with the vertical video format. Even though this format was previously used by businesses in Snapchat and Instagram, this time it was different because the video needed to be longer and highly produced, unlike the regular 15 seconds story. Moreover, the reach of IGTV was rather weak in the beginning due to it being disconnected from the mother app Instagram. However, after Instagram’s latest power move to show IGTV previews in the regular Instagram feed, the number of visitors to IGTV channels really skyrocketed.

2. Marketers will turn to TikTok

TikTok is a mobile app which allows users to create short videos of themselves, often featuring music in the background, can be sped up, slowed down or edited with a filter. An app that really lets users unleash their creativity by offering a great variety of music and filters to choose from when creating their own video. Furthermore, they can later be shared with others and be reposted on social platforms.

Its 500 million monthly users and over 40% of the app’s users3 being between the ages of 10 and 19, make TikTok a prime target for any brands seeking the elusive attention of Gen Z.

Moreover, TikTok is also very attractive territory because it is still not that popular for marketing. The app has only recently begun exploring paid advertising and offers an open arena for influencers to fight for top positions. 

It is a platform that offers great opportunities for the ever-growing popularity of engagement marketing while still being able to have the first-mover advantage.

TikTok helps you take the crucial first step into marketing to Gen Z, the notoriously difficult-to-market-to4generation, which is becoming more important as they gain a stronger foothold5 in the economy.

3. Micro-influencers will become more effective in promoting the brand

Social media is undoubtedly effective in promoting your brand due to the high number of consumers who rely on social media when making a purchasing decision. However, with the increasing number of the so called “influencers” and paid advertising, many types of large influencers are no longer trusted by consumers. On the other hand, 62% 6of consumers will trust the recommendation of friends and family over celebrity endorsement. So, micro-influencers are still safe, which means that marketers should pay closer attention to the ones that have a small community of engaged followers, as opposed to huge influencers that are perceived more as celebrities at this point.

We may be repeating ourselves, but it is important to remember that content is KING. It can be argued that nowhere is that more important than on IGTV and TikTok. the role of videos will be a trending one in 2020.


Can ‘offline’ businesses survive in the long-term?

Our modern world stereotype: everybody on phones, everything is digital, your online image is the most important one… Even babies on phones do not seem to surprise us anymore. About 50 years ago, the people would not have believed such a dramatic change would take place in, basically, the way most people go about their lives. We could argue that technology has changed preferences, priorities, needs… 

This change does not only influence people’s private lives, but it also translates to the business environment. How do you inform your customers? Online. How do you sell your products? Online. How do you raise your brand awareness? Online. How do you get customer feedback? Online. Of course, there are other possible answers to these questions, but the amount of communication that takes place online is definitely not negligible. 

However, does this strong existence of the online world mean that the businesses that do not join the digital journey cannot survive? Or can they still?

Let’s consider some arguments about why ‘offline’ businesses would not survive. First, in the modern world, the way to get the word out there about and making people familiar with your business is through online platforms. It is simply what most people use to find out more information and to get to know about new trends. It seems key to success if you want to increase your reach and if you want to create brand awareness. Second, what happens if competitors have a strong online presence and you don’t? Probably, potential customers will find it easier to access their information and learn more about their businesses, and you will miss out on these potential customers. There are many more arguments, but these show my point.

Luckily for ‘offline’ businesses, there are also arguments on why this shift does not have to be all bad news. One point that puts the importance of online presence into doubt can be reflected by the following situation: you have a small business, you post a few things on social media, you have an ok website… But how does this assure you that your word is actually going to reach your potential customers? If you do not have a big reach, is this online presence really that important? 

Besides, we could argue that not all businesses need an online presence because of the type of business they are. If a business has a small group of loyal customers, it might not feel like it needs to put in the additional effort and costs for an ‘online presence’, as the group of loyal customers has all the information and communication channels they need.

However, let’s be real, although this might be a legitimate excuse, this will probably not give the business the necessary opportunities to grow. The future looks bleak for ‘offline’ businesses. I am not saying none will survive, but I think sooner or later most will realise that it is more beneficial, not only for them, but for all stakeholders to jump on board the digital train. 

HYPER CRUNCH is a business that realises this importance, but also the struggle of companies, especially those with no experience in digital marketing, to build their online presence. That is why HYPER CRUNCH tries to give these businesses a hand, to build their online presence more properly with a team of specialists, while saving them time so that the businesses can keep focusing on what they are best at. 


5 tools to master your digital marketing and presence

Digital presence means everything, especially in this era. There are tools to master your digital presence. The purpose here is to make social media marketing more effective. The important thing is to invest in the right tools for the job.
Let’s have a look at ten tools to master digital presence.

  1. Branding: It is the first part of building a website. We recommend that online branding should have a character and it should make a difference in the industry.
  2. Website Platforms: After branding is done, it is time for the creation of the website. Building a website is easier than the past. There are many platforms which can be used to create a website. The appropriate one should be chosen.
  3. Storytelling: Building such a part gained importance in these days because it affects customers. This could be in the form of slides, videos. By using this tool, people will be much more informed about the brand and the digital marketing strategies of the companies.
  4. Social Media: It is necessary to guarantee a digital presence. Links of social media accounts should be added as well. As social media occupies an important place in people’s lives, it is easy to reach people via these platforms.
  5. E-mail Marketing: It is important to remain connected to the best customers. It is an easy way of e-mail marketing. According to a report of social media agency in the UK 26% of small business use email marketing for sales.
    Besides these five important tools, brands can also google themselves. They can see what they are missing and what they are achieving. This is kind of measurement in digital marketing. Online marketing companies can easily improve their digital presence easily by following these tools.

Defining the next digital marketing frontier

Emailing has been around us for decades. It has become one of the most popular ways that help people to communicate with one another. It is almost inevitable not to use emails nowadays. In such a world, online marketing companies have been adapting to changing circumstances. This is the place in which email marketing gains importance in digital marketing. In order to survive in a competitive world, digital marketing companies get the benefit of online marketing courses which can be reached via the internet for free.
Online marketing companies face both opportunities and challenges in email marketing. When these companies see their challenges as a way to succeed and create more opportunities, they get the benefit of digital marketing more.
As email marketing occupies an important place for companies’ digital marketing strategies, it is not a big surprise that it will have a much bigger place in the future.
There are the most popular email technologies now. These are: Software as a service or hosted ESP, Commercial On-Premises ESP, Custom Homegrown Email Marketing and Hybrid Email Marketing. These five are at the top of the most popular email technology now.
About the next email marketing frontier, it will remain to be an important part of digital marketing strategies in the following years as well. As this is the best way to maintain contact with customers, online marketing companies should focus on the ways which will improve their effectiveness.
In the future, it is expected to overcome data challenges. As known, privacy and personalization clash one another in practice.


Best art tools to master your digital marketing and online presence

As known, digital marketing has become very important for online marketing companies that want to survive in this technological era. According to social media agencies, even though traditional marketing strategies were working pretty good, as time passed these strategies remained inadequate and these companies turned their face into digital marketing. They had to adapt to the changing circumstances in the world. There is no doubt that digital marketing can help any business to accomplish so many goals especially if they are used properly with the right digital marketing tools. In this short article, I gathered the best digital marketing tools to master digital presence.
20 Best Art Tools

  1. Canva let users make use of customized photo filters, manipulate text, creating images and making designs. It offers many features to make digital presence felt.
  2. OptinMonster is a popular email subscriber list building tool used by WordPress bloggers.
  3. ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform that can be integrated with Infusionsoft.
  4. AgoraPulse helps to manage all major social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  5. Traackr is an influencer marketing platform which allows users to find influencers.
  6. Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool which helps to research and find a wide range of keywords.
  7. SEMrush provides marketers with a great opportunity to analyze Google organic and paid search results.
  8. Feedly is a content curation tool that helps to collect and read content from favourite blogs or news site.
  9. Hotjar let users analyze and understand the behaviour of website visitors.
  10. Google Analytics provides users to know about their visitors’ information based on different reports.
  11. ConvertKit helps bloggers and businesses while trying to grow their online audience create sign up forms.
  12. Lumen5 helps to match the content of the articles with related images.
  13. Todoist helps to use different colours for every project.
  14. Buzzsumo allows companies to track mentions of the brand and the competitors.
  15. LeadPages is used to invite people to visit your website for the first time to download related things.
  16. Ubersuggest helps to find keywords related to the main keyboard.
  17. Animoto helps to create professional slideshows.
  18. Brand24 allows to monitor and track keywords related to business, mentions about the business or the brand.
  19. Zapier helps to connect different online services.
  20. pCloud is the best way to avoid data loss. It helps to store important files.

Defining the next digital marketing landscape

Even though the word of social media remains constant, the meaning of it changes over time. The scope of social media increases day by day. There are tools we can categorize: publishing via blogs, sharing of videos or music platforms, discussing like Quora, messaging via popular applications like WhatsApp and Telegram and networking via popular platforms such as Meetup.
It was just two decades ago that the term social media entered our lives. In 2002 Friendster emerged which was an online community people. In 2003, LinkedIn was created. In the following year, Facebook and Twitter were in the scene and became popular day by day. In 2010 Instagram has entered the scene as well. As the dates illustrate us, the term social media is really new. It has only been less than 20 years and it takes an important place in our lives. Currently, it is something that we can remove it from our lives. The reason behind is that it brings many opportunities and makes everything possible in a short period of time.
The changing of social media’s scope
Social media platforms have been created for different purposes. Some of them were aimed to entertain people; some of them were created to make communication easier and some of them were created for sharing. However, if we have a look at them we will notice that they did not stay in the shape they were created. They have been evolving and developing. People also changed the way they look at them. They now find other options on social media. The landscape of social media is expanded. There are many social media agencies around the world. They aim at the increase social media marketing and they give assistance to companies directly or by online marketing courses. My point is that the next social media landscape will be based on the marketing area.

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10 great tips to create content online

Social agencies offer many tips for users to create content online. Before talking about them, first we need to know what motivates users to share content. Social approval, communication, supporting ideas and entertainment are the most important motivations that users have. People love to express their ideas and aim to get positive feedback from the people who they are sharing with. They also want to communicate and reach more people with the contents they create. The most common one is actually entertainment. At the end of the day, many people use social media to entertain. The people who create entertainment contents reach more audience.

  1. Getting into the content mindset: Always think about your business or industry it does not matter what you are doing. It is important for digital marketing.
  2. Creating tweetable facts: Through this, you will be able to reach more people and catch attention.
  3. Being useful: It is important to be useful in social media. The other contents mostly related to art and science.
  4. Conduct a survey: Social media agency in London suggests asking questions about something that people can be interested in.
  5. Don’t make one person carry the load: Expand the number of people who are responsible for the content creation.
  6. Create guest blog posts: Invite guest bloggers to write for your website or make a contribution on guests’ posts on the other sites.
  7. Reuse your best old content: It is easier to use the best content than finding the new one. You can use it in urgent situations.
  8. Conduct an interview: With the minimum amount of the time and effort, you can create content in social media.
  9. Create an infographic: According to social media agency in the UK are easy to use on the other sites. Encompass your brand’s name and logo and make them available to be shared.
  10. Test your content: It is important to see the measurement whether it is working well or not.

Instagram Influencers as part of a global digital marketing strategy

Instagram influencers are the people or users who have a huge following on Instagram. They are the content generator which attracts millions of people all across the world. Instagram influencers have become an integral part of digital marketing as they have the huge trust of the people. People love to watch and read their content. These influencers use images, content, and videos to attract substantial audiences. towards them. Social Media agencies have a close look on them for taking their services in terms of digital marketing.
The most Popular Instagram Influencers of 2019
There are some people on Instagram who have a huge following and they aid the brands for getting popular and they also aid in social media marketing campaigns. Here are the most popular Instagram influencers in 2019: –

  1. Huda Kattan
    Huda Kattan is a beauty influencer on Instagram with over 24 million followers from all across the world. She is a brand in itself and she helps the makeup businesses to grow by giving great content. People follow her!
  2. Cameron Dallas
    Cameron has over 20 million followers on Instagram and he has become a celebrity on the internet. He is a success story based on internet marketing of himself.
  3. Zack King
    He is another Instagram personality which has a huge influence on the people. He has 19 million followers on Instagram. He tells the stories in an attractive manner.
  4. Michelle Lewin
    Michelle Lewin is a fitness lady and she has over 12 million followers on Instagram. She helps the fitness companies in promoting their content. She is a person who is in the list of social media agencies.
  5. Nash Grier
    Nash Grier is another Instagram personality with a following of over 11 million people on Instagram. He produces amazing content and aids the businesses in their digital marketing campaigns.
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Best practices for digital marketing and social media

What are the Best practices for digital marketing and social media? HYPER CRUNCH gives you some tips about how to ace it online!

Community management takes an important place for brands that rely on social media in contribution to their marketing and sales cycles. It is mostly thought that it means social media marketing. However, they are not. Running a social media community resembles to running a country. It includes all the achievements and challenges with it.
To have a successful community management strategy, having a well-defined goal is important. In this article, I gathered the best practices in social media community management which will help people who are interested in.

  1. Keeping your community on top
    According to social media agencies, it is important to have a large social team which can be assembled across multiple markets. This social team needs to have great skills such as operational structure, class management tools. It is also important for digital marketing companies to keep these communities on the top of the list because they are key to success.
  2. Setting and measuring goals
    Community management focuses on the customer experience and their path with the brand on social media. In order to make things better, they should set the main goals and find ways to measure them whether they succeed or not. The main way of measurement is done by feedback. These feedbacks help them to improve and correct themselves.
  3. Do not be afraid to experience
    Generally, there are lists of do’s and don’ts to be implemented. However, this should be minimalized. Because everything can be learned via experiences.
  4. Learning from own social media mistakes to create a better digital marketing presence.
    Every brand has different targets for their social media strategy. They must create these strategies in accordance with their content. In this matter, every brand makes social media mistakes based on their digital marketing analysis. If they make mistakes, they need to take their lessons from their own mistakes, not from other brands’ mistakes.

Best practices for digital marketing and social media


The Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital marketing is an important topic to discuss. What is digital marketing? It is still marketing with digital tools. In digital marketing, all marketing efforts remain the same but electronic devices and the internet are used. Digital marketing is used in websites, social media, online PR works, branded assets, written contents and so on. It is not a big surprise that marketing has also been modernized.
What did digital marketing bring into our lives?
In this technological era, everyone carries laptops and cellphones. It means that the power shifted from seller to buyer as we have witnessed. In the past, customers went shopping when they needed to buy something. With the fruits of technological developments, customers can reach whatever they want online. Based on these developments, sellers have to adapt themselves as well. So digital marketing is evolving as the digital landscape changes how people market, sell and buy. Online marketing companies emerged. It is also important to say that the increase in the importance of digital marketing created digital marketing jobs. Not only in companies but also anyone who possesses a laptop or even a smartphone can start a business and make it strong by using digital marketing tactics.
The change of marketing landscape
The marketing landscape changes every year. In 2019, there are expectations about what kind of things will change. As known, QR codes have become outdated since 2015 but it is expected that they come back as a marketing tool. According to social media agency in the UK, we might see a decrease in time which is spent on social media apps. That is why they believe that they should think about the quality of their product, not quantity. Video marketing is also expected to rise.
We can say that digital marketing is something useful for everyone. It is cheap and with the fruits of it, companies can reach more customers. Companies are required to read the changing circumstances to survive in this changing environment.

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