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Conversational marketing discussed by a digital marketing agency

Sticking to the old techniques used by every digital marketing company in the past may be forcing potential customers into buying experience that serves your business but not your buyers. Having this in mind, conversational marketing may be a feature of your digital marketing strategy that needs more attention and is highly emphasized by any digital marketing agency today.

What exactly is ‘Conversational Marketing’ explained by a digital marketing company?

Conversational marketing isn’t about you, but about your clients and their goals. It is said to be the fastest way for your digital marketing company to move buyers across the marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates a real experience. Mastering the conversational process gives the digital marketing agency the opportunity to close deals way faster than anything else.

Nowadays, buyers have all of the power because real-time interactions have become the main standard. Moreover, conversations are the fundamental way humans engage, understand and recommend things to one another. So why not including this feature to complement your existing marketing efforts?

Email is no longer the only option for your digital marketing communication!

Waiting for a response from the typical lead form almost all digital marketing company recommended to their clients and some still use on their websites feels like a pretty absurd thing now that the first tools we turn to for communication are based on real-time messaging. No modern buyer likes waiting for days to get a reply after expressing interest in a product. We all demand real-time responses! Businesses can now meet customers’ expectations by implementing conversational marketing tools and fixing the lead response time challenge.

According to a recent study from Twilio, 90% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses (and the majority prefer it over email). Conversational marketing uses real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots instead of lead-capture forms, so leads never have to wait for follow-ups. A fact which every digital marketing agency needs to consider and act on.

Let’s get started…

Here are some from our digital marketing agency perspective that you can use to get started with conversational marketing across various digital marketing platforms:

· Second Net Bot

If you currently have a page with a form on it that drives some conversation and the digital marketing agency wants to keep it while integrating a new easier way for conversational marketing, we suggest using a “second net”. This type of bot introduction on your website will give visitors a faster alternative to filling out a form and will let them skip the line and connect with your team directly.

· Conversation Started Bot

Your site doesn’t generate a lot of traffic, but your digital marketing company wants to take advantage of the traffic that you do have by creating qualified conversations all over your site? A suitable approach for this case would be to show the bot on your most viewed pages but target it to find the engaged visitors. You can get more conversations with a great copy, headline, hook, and offer. Think about what would you say in-person?

· Retargeting Bot

Creating a customer experience for returning traffic on your site is what you need to do if your website generates a lot of traffic through any kind of campaign or digital marketing content and you know the returning visitors have higher intent and a higher chance of converting into buyers. You can even connect outbound emails to this kind of conversational experience on your website by triggering personalized messages when your prospect clicks any link you send them.

The important thing to remember is that there is no best way that fits everyone. You need to analyze your own position on the market with your digital marketing agency and tailor a digital marketing strategy which is the right one for you!

Social Media

Digital marketing agency guide on why you should use Stories

As a digital marketing agency, we have been observing a dramatic increase in social media Stories popularity. They have grown to be one of the most trending storytelling forms every digital marketing agency is obsessed with. With all of the major digital platforms getting on board with Stories, it is your chance to make it an integral part of your online marketing strategy too!

Here is HYPER CRUNCH digital marketing agency London guide on Stories:

Benefits of adding Stories to your strategy

Storytelling stands at the very core of an effective digital marketing campaign. It enables marketers from any digital marketing agency to build a narrative and connect with customers on a deeper level. Take Instagram Stories, for example, they are fun and creative but are also a powerful tool for your digital marketing agency efforts. Here are the main advantages of using Stories:

  • They are the best tool for growing your online engagement used by almost any digital marketing agency;
  • Build brand awareness;
  • And even drive sales; 
  • It is a very cost-efficient way to ensure constant engagement with your followers (many free editing tools are available);
  • Increase traffic to your web page;
  • Opportunity to reach a younger audience like teens;

Creative ways to use Stories for your business

  • Instagram Poll Stickers – This is a great way for brands to engage their audience and understand more about them. You can create polls on all kinds of topics and see your followers’ thoughts on them. Usually, basic questions work best – you can get opinions on your products, preferred colours, ask followers if they will buy or not, you name it.
  • Add links to your social media Stories – As much fun as Stories are, every digital marketing agency needs to think about sales too. The easiest way to increase website traffic and boost conversation rates is by adding a link in your Story and connect your various social media platforms. Every forward-thinking digital marketing agency will use your story as a teaser that directs viewers to your core channel.
  • Instagram Emoji Slider Stickers – thanks to the huge variety of emojis available, those stickers offer another easy engagement opportunity for Stories. It is a creative solution that will help your digital agency make viewers feel personally involved, so they are more likely to engage with your content and take note of any product recommendations.
  • Add Location Tags and Hashtags – this is the best way used by any digital marketing agency London so far to increase reach organically on Instagram. Instagram Stories get their own dedicated space at the top of a hashtag or location search result page, so it is a very efficient way to get featured!
  • Instagram Questions Stickers – those stickers are very efficiently used by almost every digital marketing agency for encouraging more interaction. This way you can gather useful feedback on products, and you can easily reply to any submissions directly or via DM. It is the new way for making Q&A sessions replacing the old-school methods that a digital marketing agency would have used before.
  • Try live video – Starting a live broadcast makes your brand look more real to your followers and not just one of the many pages operated by a digital marketing agency. Live Stories also allow users to watch, like and comment in real-time which creates a sense of community. Moreover, the live video does what the digital marketing agency industry was struggling to achieve in the past but is now so accessible. It makes your message appear more authentic to the viewers and helps the digital marketing agency bring the engagement with your viewers to the next level.

In short, if your digital marketing agency is still not using Stories, now is the time to start. Just pick one or more of our suggestions for how to do it and unleash your digital marketing and social media creativity. Stories are still a fairly novel feature, so you have a chance to start capitalizing on everything they have to offer with the support of a professional digital marketing agency London. Moreover, we are convinced there will be many more new features added to the Stories which will help your business prosper online. 

Social Media

The Ultimate Guide for Writing a Blog Article

Truth be told, writing blog content is no piece of cake! If you are like us and dream big, you will want to know how to master the ‘art’ of writing articles that will be adored by thousands.

1. Start from the headline

It makes sense, right, since it is the first thing your readers see… sometimes even the only thing. However, many writers make the mistake of writing a blog post before the headlines. Without a title it is easier to lose track of what your main topic was and go into multiple directions. This will leave your readers confused and disoriented.

Furthermore, you need a headline that will be teasing and irresistible to your readers. Spent some time crafting the ideal title that will make them want to read more on that topic and use it as guiding map in the writing process.

2. Introduction that grabs the attention

Now that you have won the readers with your headline, you need to figure out a way to keep them. Readers’ subject of attention changes frequently, so make sure they won’t just take a quick glance over your content and then vanish from your online blog. A way to retain them is by creating a catchy and seducing introduction. One that won’t expose everything that is in the article but will only give them a glimpse and make them thirsty for more.

3. Deliver accessible and easy to consume advice

There are some suggestions we can give you to deliver valuable content presented in the best way possible. Firstly, try using subheadings. Readers are scanners, so subheadings are your chance of luring them into reading further despite their instinct to leave. Secondly, try to be unique, give something readers are not expecting. However, remember to keep it authentic, achievable and truly helpful. Do not go overboard just for the sake of appearing more interesting. Thirdly, try following a certain formula, having a clearly structured and consistent post that follow a pattern will make reading it more enjoyable to your readers. And don’t forget to have a strong start and end, leave them feeling pumped after finishing the post.

4. Close with a motivational conclusion

Show your readers that you really believe in them and that they can actually achieve the goal you have set in your headline. Empower them by rising your expectations of them. Do not let them pretend they never read your post but encourage them to take action and use this information to their advantage, no matter how hard that would be. However, remember to avoid inserting new information or tips in your conclusion. It’s like introducing a new character right before the end of a movie… why?

5. Edit, Edit, Edit

Once you are done writing, first take a break! Phew, you are almost done.

Editing your post is essential. If your post does not offer a smooth and pleasant reading experience, your reader will lose attention and quit. Try creating a checklist to follow when editing your post in order to make sure you are not missing any important points such as to add emotions to your writing, make it easy on the eye (break any large paragraphs), avoid sharp turns, add highlights, bullets,, eliminate weak and flabby words and of course do the obvious – fix typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.

Blogging is a battlefield where you have to fight for your readers attention. So, if you are ready to enter into the war, arm yourself with all the courage and patience you have and use all of the resources possible to create the best content!

Social Media

5 mistakes businesses do on social media

Everyone makes mistakes, as we do too. But what’s important is that we strive to learn from them and prevent those errors from happening again.

Here are the top 5 marketing mistakes we see people do on a daily basis. This will help you recognize what you’re doing wrong and act on it.

1. Avoiding Social Media

Why aren’t you using social media platforms? The question, of course, is a rhetorical one simply because every single business needs to be on social media. It is a great and most importantly cheap way to interact with your customers. Sure, you can invest money there too if you decide to buy advertisements and pay someone to run the pages, but it is definitely less expensive than traditional marketing. Your customers are on social media and so should you. 

2. Do not buy followers

Once you create your profiles, do not let yourself be tempted to buy followers. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have tons of users following your page right away. It takes time to build a following base. You want your followers to be real, potential customers and be able to engage with them. Buying followers will not help you for sure and holds the risk of ruining your reputation too!

3. Forgetting to use videos

As mentioned in some of our other blog posts videos are the future of digital marketing. Most people think of Facebook and Twitter when they hear the words social media, but what about YouTube. Creating a business channel there may be an idea worth considering. Do not forget about Facebook and Instagram videos too. Even novelties such as IGTV and TikTok can be implemented in a great video content marketing strategy.

4.Targeting Everyone

Are you targeting everyone with a phone or a computer with your marketing campaign? You need to narrow your target market in order to create an effective campaign and actually achieve something with it. Consider the demographics of your current and prospective customers. Maybe further categorize them according to their behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. But do not make assumptions about your current customers’ demographics – use real data and you way be surprised who your customers actually are. Having a clearer target group y0u will be able to create a digital campaign suitable exactly for this group of people and hence get more relevant leads. No need to spend money on advertising to irrelevant viewers.

5. Trying to do it all alone

Digital marketing is a crucial part of your business growth but focusing on it too much can drift you away from other important aspects of the business and prevent you from achieving the desired results. You need balance, so your best option is to hire someone, you cannot do it all by yourself. Moreover, you will most certainly see the difference of trusting your marketing to someone who is actually way advanced in it than you are to be rather rewarding. They will know how to delegate tasks and keep a track of every little aspect of your marketing campaign while you will be able to focus on what you are best at – delivering the best product to your customers.

Social Media

Instagram video Ideas for your business

Instagram offers four options for video posting – feed Instagram videos, video stories, live Instagram videos and IGTV videos.

Here are some ideas that you can use to grow your business through video content.

1. Entertain your followers

Humour is always a good idea to attract attention. How many times have you found yourself simply scrolling down your feed looking to be entertained?

Entertaining Instagram videos are a great opportunity for you to showcase your brand personality and deepen your relationship with your followers.

Moreover, if you manage to make your followers laugh, they are more likely to interact with your video through liking it, sharing it with a friend or leaving a comment. All of those will most certainly boost your performance.

2. Inspire

People love to be inspired.

So, create videos that will motivate and inspire your audience to feel better and work for their dreams. Careful not to be too cheesy though.

A video like this would be the perfect way to show your business’ values. Let people know what you stand for, what you care about.

3. Teach Something

Another thing you can do is to share a video that teaches your followers something new related to your brand.

Whatever your business does, there will be something you can teach your followers. Be it workout routines, makeup tips, financial advice, cooking ideas, you name it. It doesn’t even have to be a skill. You can share wisdoms, advice or a thought-provoking idea.

4. Tell a story

What is very often missing for sales messages is one simple ingredient – it is the sales message that does not tell an interesting story.

A lot of big brands use storytelling as their most powerful marketing tools. I am sure everyone has been touched by one of Coca Cola’s ads with a story in it. Moreover, giving people a story makes them remember your video for longer.

5. Promote your existing products

You can create Instagram products to promote your existing products, which can be incredibly effective.

The great part of it is that you can show your product in many different ways. Show your audience how it is being used in the world. You can get technical and show your product’s best features or even share a customer review or testimonial of a specific product.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Video

Here is your chance to build a deeper relationship with your customers. Getting more personal, being authentic and transparent will help you gain their trust. Moreover, you will be showing them something very interesting and exclusive. Taking your followers on a tour inside your business or life will with no doubt excite them and make them more interested in what you actually do.

7. Tease and Launch New Products

Instagram is a great place to promote your new upcoming products. You can do more than just inform your followers about the new product you will be introducing, but you can actually get them excited for it and make them wait in awe for it to be launched. You can build hype and interest for an upcoming product or line using Instagram Stories or by creating mini trailers to show some of its features and benefits.

We know it is difficult to stand out of the crowd, but don’t get discouraged. Remember to have fun, be consistent and creative in the process

Social Media

The most famous digital marketing and community management flops

In this article, we will touch base on bad community management and the restrictions on communication members.
Bad community management and the mistakes
If community management is terrible it does not matter how good digital marketing is. There are mistakes that bad community management does in social media. Not posting on social networks consistently is one of the key mistakes. A lack of regular posting will make users doubt about reliability when it comes to social media. It may even cause to unfollows. Using the same content across all channels is another mistake. As we know that each social network has different audiences so it is important to choose the content in accordance with these audiences. Not having a solid content plan is the other mistake mostly made. What online marketing companies should do it to always try to connect their content with their brands. Deleting bad feedback is the most common mistake. Nobody likes criticism but there is no gain in denying it. Bad feedbacks should also be embraced and be used to correct the mistakes.
Restrictions on communication members
It is also important to touch this issue. There are restrictions put over the communication members. If they are not free enough and stick to “a to do list”, this will bring no benefit for these companies. Social media agencies recommend that members of community management should have their own ideas and be free.
There are social media platforms which failed miserably. Ping was launched by Apple but nobody liked that and it was doomed to failure. MySpace is another example. Vitalskate, Pownce, Digg and so on. This can be extended but the point is that the failure behind these platforms mostly rely on bad community management because they could not adapt to the changing circumstances especially in the areas of digital marketing and online marketing.

Email Marketing, Social Media

The most famous digital marketing and email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have become one of the favourites of online marketing companies while preparing their digital marketing strategies. The reason behind this is the number of email users. Digital marketing companies aim to reach more audience and email is one of the ways to ensure it. They are used to convince the audience to get engaged with the company. In this short article, We curated our list of famous email campaigns:
Most famous campaigns chosen by social media marketing agencies

  1. PayPal: Good food. Good friends. A good way to split the bill. This is their opening and it is quite attractive and make people want to see the rest of it immediately.
  2. Buzzfeed: It is a newcomer to the digital marketing industry. It is very unique because they use segmentation in its intense. Therefore it is easy to subscribe to a number of newsletters.
  3. Lastminute: It sends regular newsletters to its subscribers showing the latest offers. Their email opening is very simple and straightforward. It only contains a headline, an image and a brief text which explain the offer.
  4. Nasty Gal: One of the main parts of successful email marketing campaigns is that they know how to accompany themselves the right way with other digital channels as Nasty Dal does.
  5. El Viajero Fisgon: One type of email marketing campaign that works very well is the one that focuses on illustrating a wide range of products and prices as they do. This is seen as one of the most successful email marketing by social media agencies in the UK.
  6. Loft: Aims to show their understanding of crazy mixed-value inbox. It is an effort to provide people with an email that you really want to open. These are seen as the customer-focused emails by digital marketing agencies, especially in the UK.
Social Media

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencers are playing a huge role in digital marketing. Online marketing companies keep them in their digital marketing strategies. The brands work with famous people for getting more attraction and customers. The trends are developing with the passage of time in this regard. Instagram influencers are getting more influence due to the rise of social media. Here are the latest trends in influencer marketing: –

  1. A social media agency is looking for nano-influencers and macro-influencers for taking advantages of them for targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Brands are looking for long-term relations with the influencers. Celebrities are being involved in online marketing campaigns.
  3. The rise of digital marketing jobs is becoming trendy and people are looking for becoming social media influencers.
  4. Video marketing is becoming trendy as people are more interested in watching video content as compared to reading the content. The trend is developing in terms of digital marketing.
  5. Facebook marketing is losing its power and a fall in Facebook reputation is expected. There is a lot of fake smells on Facebook which are a bad trend.
  6. Instagram is becoming trendy due to the high credibility of the influencers. A social media agency would love to take Instagram influencer for marketing as compared to other social media platforms.
  7. Brands are looking for the reliability apart from getting more followers. The credible and targeted marketing strategies are developing which are becoming trendy.
    These are the fields which must be focused in the upcoming days as far as the trends in influencer marketing are concerned. Social media agencies in London and other regions are looking to utilize these trends. The trend is a friend in every field of life as far as I think.
Social Media

Who are the most popular accounts on social media? #digitalmarketing

In the modern era, people are addicted to using social media quite a lot. It is really hard to find a person who does not use social media because people are generally inclined to communicate with one another. In such a technological era, social media is a new way of building networks. Today, even relations begin, develop and end in social media.
There are many types of social media accounts. Some of these accounts for entertainment, some of them for finding jobs and some of them are there to shop. They have become popular because everyone has access to technological devices and the web. This development makes people’s lives easier. I investigate these accounts under a few categories.
Accounts for entertainment
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are the most common social media accounts that people use for entertainment. Apart from the aim of network with people and entertainment, people can also use these platforms to market or promote their business. We have seen so many accounts on Instagram which use digital marketing and sell their products. So online marketing has been possible with the spread of the usage of these accounts.
Accounts for communication
WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram are the most popular communication based social networking platforms. These platforms allow people to connect with each other through voice calls, video calls and text messaging. Such applications make people’s lives easier. That’s why they are widely used.
Accounts for job vacancies
LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites which is mostly used as a bridge among the jobseekers and the companies.
To sum up, as the spread of the web and the usage of technological devices people find themselves addicted to social media. Anything a person can think of can be accessed online and any problem has a solution over there. My point is that social media offers something for everyone.

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