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Instagram going Likes free – Digital Marketing

As Adam Mosseri – the acting Head of Instagram explained,Facebook’s current objective is to make social media a less “pressurized environment”. Hiding the number of likes under Instagram posts has been tested in a few countries already as a way to reduce pressure on the media. Zuckerberg spoke about their desire to make people less interested in how many likes a post gets and instead, focus more on connecting with other people to be a main motive for this change. Facebook’s growth and data science teams developed a hypothesis that getting rid of likes would make users feel less self-conscious when their posts don’t receive much engagement, spurring them to post more.

Instagram likes first disappeared in Canada and then expanded to more countries including Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

So how does it actually work?

“As you scroll through your feed, there are no like counts,” explained Mark Zuckerberg at F8 (1) . “You can see who liked a photo or video, you can tap through to see [the list], and if you have the time you can add them all up yourself.”

So far, many celebrities have expressed positive attitudes regarding this major change on Instagram. Despite the many speculations about how this new feature will impact influencers, brands and other businesses, popular figures such as Cardi B and Kim Kardashian did not wait to express their support by emphasizing the positive impact it will have on mental health issues.

Hiding the number of likes on a post can cause some trouble to influencers. They strongly rely on and benefit from a notion referred to as ‘like momentum’. This is when a user likes a picture just because they see a high number of likes so they join in, or they can do it because one of their friends few has already liked it. Getting rid of the likes will put this psychological factor out of the game and reduce the engagement influencers’ posts receive and hence, will reduce the amount they can charge brand for advertisements and brand promotions. And vice versa, it more difficult for brands to find Instagram influencers to work with.

On the other hand, the number of likes not being visible to your followers may not be such a big deal for business accounts. On the contrary, it can allow brands to focus more on building valuable relationships with their clients. Without the number of likes, the focus is now on content – meaning that accounts can post more freely without being limited to their best shots only because of likes.

A hidden motive for hiding likes?

It is a possibility that, after removing the like count feature, people will start posting more because they will be feeling less self-conscious when their posts don’t score the desired engagement. With the number of posts increasing dramatically, so does the time users spend on the media and therefore Instagram benefits from the ability to show more ads. Considering the fact that Instagram is a significant part of Facebook’s future and the most popular social media among teens it makes total sense for this change to go beyond online bulling and pressure concerns. 

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10 Tips for your Salon’s Instagram

How does everyone stay up to date on the latest hairstyle trends and the newest beauty techniques? The answer is Instagram, of course.

Instagram offers endless marketing possibilities, easy access to potential customers and effective engagement and interaction with them. Thanks to its visual nature, Instagram is the perfect place to attract your audience with everything from creative nail art, through beauty tips and tricks all the way to trendy hairstyles.

These are Hyper Crunch’s top 10 Instagram tips for hair and beauty salons:

1. First things first, convert to a business account

Luckily, Instagram offers this great option to switch to a business account with no fees required. Once you do that, you will be able to access useful analytics about your followers and post, promote Instagram posts as ads and add links to Instagram Stories to redirect customers.

2. Get Found easily and encourage action

Even before you start posting, it is very important to carefully consider those “most basic” things which business owners tend to neglect on Instagram. You don’t want a blurry or completely irrelevant to what you do profile picture. Next, make sure that it is easy to be found by your username and profile name – think about how people will search for you on Instagram and make sure to match your business name. In order to make it as simple and accessible for your Instagram’s visitors to book, remember to include address, phone number and a link to book. You can even use the newly added “Book” button and win some points for saving your customers precious time and efforts.

3. Make it look professional

Since content is EVERYTHING that matters on Instagram, your profile needs to look top notch. Especially when you are in the business of beauty, aesthetics and style is everything. If people see you cannot make your posts and profile look eye-pleasing and attractive how will they turn to you to make the same for them? We suggest you put a color and design theme and be consistent with it. Once your feed looks beautiful and harmonious, we guarantee your engagement and followers will skyrocket.

4. Keep it interesting

No one likes seeing the same thing over and over again. Try to think of a few different topics (we suggest 3-4 at least) to post about. Variety is a key. Keep reading to get ideas how to do that…

5. Quality matters…

Of your service, of course, but we’re talking about your pictures now… Remember this form us – everything comes down to good lightning.

6. Be more personal

We know you want to show your work on Instagram, but do not restrict yourself just to this. As we mentioned, variety is important, so try diversifying your feed with inside photos of your team for example. Welcome new employees on Instagram, show some shots from that time you went to the pretty café downtown with your colleagues.

7. Details

Another idea to post about is your salon itself. You have spent so much time on deciding which painting to hang over the sofa in order to go with the color of the mirror’s frame and cushions. Show your salon details, people enjoy a pretty setting.

8. Products

Even if you don’t sell any products, you most certainly use a lot of them. Show them! Your followers will be interested to know more about that, why you have picked this brand and how is it better. Moreover, by mentioning another brand you will have the chance to reach followers of this brand and attract them to your page and turn them to customers.

9. The right hashtags

One of the best ways to grow you Instagram is through using hashtags. However, it is crucial to find the relevant ones that will allow you to reach potential clients, not just more likes and followers. You need the right LOCAL hashtags for your city combined with your beauty niche.

10. Now that you have caught their eye with a picture…

So here comes the role of the caption. Once you have managed to make people actually read what’s under your picture, it means you have their attention, so use it wisely! Take your time writing them down. Captions shouldn’t look too lazy, too boring or too short. Don’t just dryly describe what’s on the photo, but share a story, express your feelings or even educate about it.

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Valentine’s Day social media tips for fashion companies and designers

Christmas is over, but more holidays are approaching, and the question is your business prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

St. Valentine’s Day offers a great chance to engage with clients, but the competition for their attention is the fiercest. Here are some tips on how to keep your brand at the tips of everyone’s tongue.

Create a Valentine’s Campaign

A Happy Valentines Video Campaign for example – videos are said to be the most sharable form of content so why not take advantage of that. Even if it is time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts and skills to achieve excellence, we think it is definitely worth it. To make the video content unique and attractive use visuals that tell a story, communicating your message and concept. Not to mention that it is a great way to show off your amazing designs. The key to success is to include some humor, make it fun, emotional… something memorable that will inspire and lead to more shares.

Happy Valentine’s Day Contest

Giveaway contests perform exceptionally well on social media and will definitely get your followers excited. Let’s face it, people just love the possibility of being potential winners. Here are some ideas for fun St. Valentine’s contests:

  • Best picture with your better half featuring the brand’s product;
  • Create Instagram perfect setting and start a contest for the best picture taken there – this will not only increase your hashtag and brand popularity on social media but will also drive more traffic to your physical store;
  • The best romantic surprise contest;

February – the month of love

Test your creativity by creating posts for 14 days till St.Valentine’s. A bonus – love is always a trending topic. So, to gift your followers some festive spirit, try being fun, romantic and informative. Do not forget to include your services and products in the contend and explain how diverse it is.

Exclusive Discounts

Everyone loves discounts! If you manage to link them with your social media posts, you will most certainly increase your social media reach and impressions. By doing this your posts will be way more likely to be shared. It will be the perfect St. Valentine’s to your customers and your way of expressing your love for them.

Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great time of celebrating with your favourite person and expressing your love for them. However, deciding on the perfect gift and planning the most romantic dinner can be a real pain. Help your followers with some gits ideas while promoting your products/services and increasing your sales. It comes as no surprise that the holidays season is a shopping season too, so take advantage of that!

Share More Followers’ Content

Sharing holiday themed mentions of your brand is a great way to show your connection to your clients and build a more personal relationship. Moreover, posting your clients feedback about products that are on sale during that period will attract a lot of attention.

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10 tips to be ‘on point’ with your Instagram feed

The Instagram feed is one of the most crucial parts of different companies’ digital marketing strategies, especially in representing their brand personalities. It is an essential tool to make sure that the overall feed looks consistent and attractive for the audience. The better the feed is, the easier it is for brands to increase the number of followers, as well as their reach and engagement. Here are a few tips from us, which will help your Instagram feed to look ‘On Point’: 

  1. Pick a grid layout. Always try to create a template on how you want the overall feed to look. 
  2. Choose a theme for your brand to represent your personality — for example, bright, black and white, simplistic etc. 
  3. If you are going to use filters, pick one and stick to it.
  4. Try to combine pictures and videos – this way you can get more engagement from your audience. 
  5. Make sure your posts are balanced — only upload pictures or videos that match your theme.
  6. Colour coordinate your pictures. Try to stick with max. three colour codes according to your brand or campaign.
  7. Outline your colour line. If you are going to stick with three colours, make sure to aligned them accordingly to the template
  8. If you are going to upload images with text, make sure to put them consistently based on your template. 
  9. Remember your purpose. If you are trying to promote a service or product, try to post more things related to your product/service. This will remind your audience why they follow you in the first place. 
  10. Only use HD pictures, high quality pictures are always the best!

Facebook removed at least 3.2 billion fake accounts.

After the scandals Facebook has been through for the past two years, they have tried to increase their transparency in many ways. For instance: by improving the terms and conditions, by being transparent about their advertising, by protecting its users’ data and privacy, etc. 

Recently, Facebook has claimed that they have removed at least 3.2 billion fake accounts from their platform. According to CBS News (2019), 5% of 2.45 billion Facebook accounts are fake. How does this news impact businesses who use Facebook as their primary promotion channel? 

Facebook and Instagram are known for having a lot of fake accounts. According to Schiffer (2019), there were at least 3,000 ads posted by Russian troll’s fake accounts spreading hate speech during the 2016 election in the US. The question here is why do we (as businesses) care about this? 

Let’s think of it from your follower’s perspective. For example, your company has a certain number of likes, and it decreases due to Facebook effort to remove fake accounts. The impact of this might not be tangible, but it will still impact your company’s reach to the audience. 

In the awakening of this news, businesses need to try to connect and engage with the audience to make sure all of their likes or followers are the targeted audience. This is why it is vital for brands not just to aim at the right audience, but also to build connections with them and be present. 

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Is IGTV good for your business?

According to Instagram1these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.We’ve also learned that younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals.


While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start.

IGTV is different in a few ways. First, it’s built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. Also, unlike on Instagram, videos aren’t limited to one minute. Instead, each video can be up to an hour long.

Recently, Instagram announced that IGTV previews2 would now appear in the regular Instagram feed, along with videos being shared to Instagram profiles.

Since that change, views on IGTV videos have skyrocketed across the board, increasing by ~300-1000%3.

Advantages and opportunities that IGTV offers:

  1. No need for expensive equipment – Many marketers are put off by the potential cost associated with filming and editing a video with good sound and lightning. The thing with IGTV is that none of this is necessary to get started. The vertical format of the videos allows video makers to get creative with just the phone in their pocket. Moreover, there are free apps that can help you get started and share pretty attractive videos with no heavy investment.
  2. It is easy – As mentioned earlier, anyone can do it, so no one is expecting a Hollywood movie level of content. The convenience of it allows to capture content like never before without the need of any complex set-up or technical kit.
  3. Be among the first – There is still the chance to take advantage of the first mover moment. This is the perfect opportunity to get established, to learn what works and stay ahead of the competitors, who will definitely be joining IGTV soon because of its growing popularity. Being a pioneer will definitely help you expand your reach. After all, people are always attracted to something new and novel like IGTV. Additionally, there is a “Following” tab in IGTV so your fans can easily access and enjoy your content from there.
  4. Instagram Integration – since introducing the feature that users can post one-minute previews of their IGTV videos straight to the news feed, the number of viewers has increased4. Posting previews on your business’ Instagram and redirecting followers to your IGTV helps boost engagement.
  5. Show off your creativity – Let IGTV be your digital blank canvas and show your customers different sides of your business. Additionally, if you are working with influencers, IGTV is the perfect place to share content they have created for your brand.
  6. Sell through the videos – Use IGTV to introduce more of your product catalog in a natural, familiar way and let your fans shop when they watch your channel. Luckily, when you upload a video to IGTV you are able to include a link in the vide description, unlike on your Instagram posts. 

Don’t wait a lot to take advantage of IGTV – and don’t forget to have fun with it!

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5 Digital Marketing Myths

Here are our top 5 Digital Marketing myths you should not fall for!

1. It’s all about tech

Of course, technology plays a vital role in digital marketing and in everything else in our lives nowadays, doesn’t it? However, it does not mean that the old techniques that have been used in marketing should be neglected. You can use them as a foundation for your digital marketing efforts. It is important not to view them as separate disciplines. Merging your traditional and digital marketing can make the shift of your marketing strategy move towards digital way easier and effective. Use your existing knowledge, but definitely save time and money by going digital!

2. There are too many social platforms to keep up with

We all feel overwhelmed by the constantly increasing number of social platforms. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them, but this doesn’t mean you cannot conquer each one though. It is important to be presented on all of the social platforms that your targeted audience is using. Each social network attracts a different clientele which gives you the opportunity to boost your brand. If you have the resources and the time, definitely invest it into creating and running company pages on each of the relevant social media platforms and think outside of the box!

3. SEO can be done overnight

Incorrect. SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there, but it’s not a ‘quick fix’. The timeline will vary, but you can expect to see SEO results within 3 to 6 months. It’s important to allow time for search engines to establish where to place you. This might seem pretty time-consuming, but once your website is ranking, it’s on the road to success.

Most businesses struggle to find the time to deal with their SEO, and as a result, end up losing visibility online. In those cases, it is better to hire professionals to deal with it and help you achieve the desired results

4. You’ll rank better and quicker if you have more content on your site

It is undoubtful that Google favours websites that publish content regularly, but once again, quality is far more important than quantity. Do not forget that!

If you take the initiative to publish too often, soon you’ll find yourself out of original ideas and not publishing the best out can put out there. This is going to affect your rankings immediately and lead to negative and undesired results. If you spend more time focusing on the quality of your posts, however, then they’ll have a far higher chance of ranking. So, one high quality post with great rankings and engagement is far better than many poorly performing ones, isn’t it?

5. You should just focus on one marketing channel

Wrong! Each social media platform has different points to tap on in your digital marketing strategy. That’s why it is important to test out the different options which are out there and work out what is best for your business. Establish the trends of your target market to help you out here; where are your audience spending their time? What are they searching for? What age group do they sit in? Answering those questions will help you make the most effective choice that will work best with your target audience.

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10 great tips to create content online

Social agencies offer many tips for users to create content online. Before talking about them, first we need to know what motivates users to share content. Social approval, communication, supporting ideas and entertainment are the most important motivations that users have. People love to express their ideas and aim to get positive feedback from the people who they are sharing with. They also want to communicate and reach more people with the contents they create. The most common one is actually entertainment. At the end of the day, many people use social media to entertain. The people who create entertainment contents reach more audience.

  1. Getting into the content mindset: Always think about your business or industry it does not matter what you are doing. It is important for digital marketing.
  2. Creating tweetable facts: Through this, you will be able to reach more people and catch attention.
  3. Being useful: It is important to be useful in social media. The other contents mostly related to art and science.
  4. Conduct a survey: Social media agency in London suggests asking questions about something that people can be interested in.
  5. Don’t make one person carry the load: Expand the number of people who are responsible for the content creation.
  6. Create guest blog posts: Invite guest bloggers to write for your website or make a contribution on guests’ posts on the other sites.
  7. Reuse your best old content: It is easier to use the best content than finding the new one. You can use it in urgent situations.
  8. Conduct an interview: With the minimum amount of the time and effort, you can create content in social media.
  9. Create an infographic: According to social media agency in the UK are easy to use on the other sites. Encompass your brand’s name and logo and make them available to be shared.
  10. Test your content: It is important to see the measurement whether it is working well or not.
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Best practices for digital marketing and social media

What are the Best practices for digital marketing and social media? HYPER CRUNCH gives you some tips about how to ace it online!

Community management takes an important place for brands that rely on social media in contribution to their marketing and sales cycles. It is mostly thought that it means social media marketing. However, they are not. Running a social media community resembles to running a country. It includes all the achievements and challenges with it.
To have a successful community management strategy, having a well-defined goal is important. In this article, I gathered the best practices in social media community management which will help people who are interested in.

  1. Keeping your community on top
    According to social media agencies, it is important to have a large social team which can be assembled across multiple markets. This social team needs to have great skills such as operational structure, class management tools. It is also important for digital marketing companies to keep these communities on the top of the list because they are key to success.
  2. Setting and measuring goals
    Community management focuses on the customer experience and their path with the brand on social media. In order to make things better, they should set the main goals and find ways to measure them whether they succeed or not. The main way of measurement is done by feedback. These feedbacks help them to improve and correct themselves.
  3. Do not be afraid to experience
    Generally, there are lists of do’s and don’ts to be implemented. However, this should be minimalized. Because everything can be learned via experiences.
  4. Learning from own social media mistakes to create a better digital marketing presence.
    Every brand has different targets for their social media strategy. They must create these strategies in accordance with their content. In this matter, every brand makes social media mistakes based on their digital marketing analysis. If they make mistakes, they need to take their lessons from their own mistakes, not from other brands’ mistakes.

Best practices for digital marketing and social media

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