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Basic tips for using your LinkedIn page: Part 2

Appreciating the many opportunities LinkedIn offers to your business can be the key to a successful digital marketing strategy. If you have read part one of our list of basic tips for using your LinkedIn page, you must now know how to achieve the growth and engagement rates you want for your page. Keep reading to see some more useful tips to increase those results and put the foundations of long-term success.

It’s important to use tracking and analytics.

As mentioned in our previous article delivering relevant content is crucial to your page’s success. So, you need to know what your audience wants to see. The best way to understand that is by tracking the performance of past posts and analysing what has worked and what has failed to achieve the desired results. One way you can do that is through LinkedIn’s Company Page analytics where a digital marketing agency can evaluate the engagement on each post, identify trends, understand the demographics of your followers and learn more about the traffic on your page.

Nowadays tracking and analytics are of major importance to digital marketing and a very valuable source of information to those who know how to use it to their benefit. Other platforms are also offering businesses ways to improve their strategy by analysing their current results. Read more about The Facebook’s Pixel here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post dedicated only to LinkedIn tracking and analytics!

Use sponsored ads.

LinkedIn, the same as other social media platforms, offer the option for launching your own sponsored ads. By promoting your own content, you will achieve better results compared to your regular posts because you can target a specific audience. There are many customization options when crafting your business ad on LinkedIn such as selecting the geographic range of the audience you want to reach and their age range. Furthermore, you can target people with specific interests and professions among many more!

Experiment with LinkedIn’s video and photo feature1.

We have been witnessing the growing popularity of video content across all social media platforms, so why not use it on LinkedIn too. Video is also five times more likely1 to drive engagement than other media types on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn’s filters and different text style features like the “Work High Five,” “Side Hustle” and “On the Air” filters to create some interesting content. 

If you are struggling to come up with video ideas and need some inspiration, read our “8 video ideas” article and start creating!

Digital Marketing, Social Media

Basic tips for using your LinkedIn page

Having a LinkedIn company page shouldn’t be considered as something additional – it is a basic requirement that your marketing strategy needs! If you haven’t created one for your business, that’s your cue to do it. As a digital marketing agency, we want to give you some essential tips for using and growing your LinkedIn page to achieve the results you want.

You need followers to show your content!

We won’t shock you by saying that no matter how good and creative your content is, it would be completely pointless and effort-wasting if there is no one to see it. You need to be constantly looking for new followers on LinkedIn. Some ways to expand your audience and reach new viewers is by connecting your other marketing channels to your LinkedIn page – encourage visitors to check out your LinkedIn page, post a widget to it on your websites, add LinkedIn information to your email signature and business cards. You can even ask your employees and relatives to promote the company page on their personal accounts.

Keep your content relevant.

As our digital marketing agency has mentioned many times before, targeting is the key to the success of every marketing campaign. In order to achieve results from your consistency, you need to first determine and analyze who your audience is and what they want to see on LinkedIn. Once you have determined that, you will be able to create content tailored to your followers’ needs. Remember to share and publish content that is relevant to your followers instead of focusing on promoting your brand the whole time.

Be consistent by keeping up with a calendar.

Every digital marketing agency knows the importance of consistency. Publishing regularly is crucial for the success of every digital marketing campaign. We suggest you create a social media content calendar where you plan ahead what type of content will go out and when. Create the posts in advance and schedule them through some of the many tools available such as Buffer or Hootsuite. However, remember not to overdo it. You don’t want to push people away with sharing too many posts which can be considered as “spam”. Only post impactful things your followers can engage with!

Keep it interesting!

Posting the same thing over and over again is definitely going to put off your followers. People turn to social media to see something new, interesting and engaging, not things they have already seen. To avoid boring your followers, try diversifying your posts and creating a mixture of videos, visuals, article posts or any other relevant content. Just remember to be creative, you can even emphasize on any holidays and dedicate some content to them when the time comes. There are so many things to celebrate on social media now – find those which can tie well with your business and use them to entertain your audience.

LinkedIn offers many opportunities for companies and every digital marketing agency. Play it smart and take as much advantage of what is out there, be creative and watch your followers grow after following those tips. Stay tuned for our next articles with more useful tips!

Digital Marketing, Social Media

5 reasons why Twitter is good for your business

As a digital marketing agency, we have tested the power of Twitter as part of a marketing strategy, but in case you are still in doubt, here are the top 5 reasons why is that the case:

1. Connect with your customers

Every digital marketing agency wants to tap on Twitter because it gives a platform to connect with your customers at any time of the day. An example of how you can use Twitter is simply to ask your customers for feedback or respond to their queries. Moreover, responding to tweets from your customers also helps a digital marketing agency in the process of building and further strengthening the bond between you and your business customers.

2. Cost-free marketing

One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is that it’s free to use. You do not have to pay to be on Twitter or for tweeting. The simplicity of creating a tweet and reaching all of your followers with one click and without paying anything is exactly what your business needs. A digital marketing agency will use Twitter in your business advantage as a way to reach out to your audience at no additional cost.

3. Keep an eye on your competition

As we have mentioned in our previous article about marketing on Twitter, researching your competitors and keeping up with what they do on the platform is very important and every digital marketing agency tries to do it consistently. Also, this allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening on the competitive side – are customers sharing complaints or suggestions publicly with your competitors on Twitter for example. This would help a digital marketing company recognise where your business can improve thanks to this type of feedback. You can den gather it and implement it to make sure your business is meeting the needs of customers.

4. Interact with potential customers

In addition to the opportunity of connecting with the customers you already have, Twitter also allows you to interact with your potential customers as well. A digital marketing agency knows that there may be people reaching out to know more about your business and this is the perfect opportunity to prove the value of your business and turn them into customers. A digital marketing agency can use Twitter to keep the customers updated by posting regularly and sharing valuable information.

5. Increase sales

60% of a brand’s followers are more likely to purchase or recommend products after following the brand on Twitter1. Twitter is more than just a platform for your business to interact with people, but also a chance to increase sales and grow your revenue.

Digital Marketing, Social Media

How to market effectively on Twitter

Every digital marketing agency considers Twitter an inseparable part of a marketing strategy. It is undoubtedly a powerful platform when trying to increase your business’s online reach. To help you create a successful strategy and leverage Twitter’s power for your business, we – a digital marketing agency London have created this helpful guide. Keep reading to get our advice on using Twitter for business effectively.

The first rule of marketing is that you need to build your marketing strategy and a digital marketing company knows that you need one for Twitter as well. This would be your foundation for success and is definitely worth spending time on researching and creating your strategy. Here are some tactics that every digital marketing agency uses to develop a strong Twitter marketing strategy that will help you build your presence.

1.    Research your competition

A smart digital marketing agency would use Twitter to gather information about what your business’s competitors are doing to be informed when building your strategy. Analysing their content and tactics gives a digital marketing company a clearer view of what is missing in their strategy, how does their customer service look like on the platform, etc. By asking those questions you can improve your marketing strategy and turn it into a highly developed one.

2.    Audit your account

Auditing your Twitter account should be a regular activity and as a digital marketing agency, we highly recommend you stick to this. A Twitter audit is a diagnosis of your account. It helps you analyze the performance of your Twitter account by looking at your audience, analytics, content types, posting times, and consistency, as well as the overall sentiment. When conducting a Twitter audit, a digital marketing agency will look to answer questions such as ‘Who is our audience?’, ‘When are our followers active?’, ‘Are we seeing a return of investment?’ – in short, covering both traditional metrics and general sentiment.

3.    Research best practices

Our digital marketing company’s advice about this step is that as with the audit, it needs to be done continuously. Keeping up on best practices as Twitter is constantly updated and goes through changes is key to keeping your impressions and engagements high, so a digital marketing agency will never overlook this step of building an effective Twitter strategy.

4.    Identify your audience

With the risk of repeating ourselves, one of the most important things about every aspect of marketing is targeting. A digital marketing agency will consider your business personas when crafting your strategy and even when creating individual pieces of content. Keeping in mind your business personas at all times will help you not to lose track of who exactly you are trying to reach, how to create something your audience will be genuinely interested in and will lock their attention.

Digital Marketing, Social Media

The easiest guide on using Twitter hashtags

One of every digital marketing agency weapons is hashtags! Using hashtags for your brand or client’s Twitter account is the key to keeping your content from sinking into the sea of tweets that are posted every day. The tricky part is that if you slip and use too many hashtags, the message you want to communicate will lose its value.

In this guide, our digital marketing agency London will show you how to identify the right hashtags for your business and use them to engage with your customers effectively on Twitter.

What is a hashtag on Twitter?

Hashtags, which are keywords or phrases, help Twitter users find posts on topics that are of interest to them. An interesting fact is that they originated on Twitter in 2007 but are now widespread across all other social media platforms. Anyone can create whatever hashtag they want. A reminder from a digital marketing agency is to remember not to use any spaces or punctuations if you want your hashtag to be a longer phrase:

Using hashtags is what a digital marketing agency will use to ensure people on Twitter discover the content and engage with it. A research conducted by Twitter1 found that tweets with hashtags increased engagement – clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies – for individuals and brands. It found that Tweets with a hashtag can have an almost double engagement for individuals and 50% for brands. That’s more of a good reason for a digital marketing agency to use hashtags.

When to use hashtags on Twitter?

A digital marketing agency uses hashtags to categorise the content that is to publish and relate it to a specific topic. You can use hashtags for specific events ( #FranceElections, #OlympicGames), places (#London, #Liverpool), themes ( #FridayVibes), things (#Instagram, #telephones), activities (#writing, #cooking), industry terms (#socialmedia, #tech), etc. 

However, our digital marketing agency advice is not to use hashtags in your adverts if your goal is to redirect traffic to your website and here is why. Twitter had found that advertisements without a hashtag or a @mention generate 23% more clicks. Apparently, the best practice is to avoid hashtags or mentions so your audience does not click away from your ad – more focus on the link you want to create with your website.

How to find trending and popular Twitter hashtags?

The first place to look for the best and trending hashtags is Twitter. When you log in to your account, on the left-hand sidebar, right under your profile, you can find a personalized list of the top Trends for you. They are based on your location, interests, and accounts you are following. If you don’t like those, the results can be tailored by clicking on the ‘Change’ button to select another location:

Additionally, there are many tools for finding popular and trending hashtags. Such a tool is Hashtagify. You can type in a hashtag that you are interested in and you will see results for its popularity and trend rates:

Additionally, you get results for related to your chosen topic hashtags to give you ideas what to include in your posts:

Other insight provided by the tool and from which your digital marketing can benefit from including the top countries and languages using the hashtag and a snapshot of current Tweets with that specific hashtag.

Finally, as a digital marketing agency, we want to emphasize how important is to choose hashtags relevant to the content you are posting! You don’t want to end up attracting the wrong audience, or even worse, get your account blocked due to people complaining about the misuse of hashtags. 

Digital Marketing, Social Media

The Facebook Pixel: a digital marketing agency guide

Every digital marketing agency knows that using Facebook ads needs to go hand in hand with Facebook Pixel. This is the key to successfully making the best out of your ad budget by advertising specifically to your target market. Here is our digital marketing company guide on how it really works.

What is Facebook pixel?

As a digital marketing company, we know that when it comes to marketing, the more you know about your target customer, the more likely you are to reach them with the correct offer at the perfect time. This is why a digital marketing agency will start a Facebook campaign by installing Facebook pixel.

So the way Facebook describes Pixel is as an analytics tool that allows a digital marketing agency to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. Data from pixel can be used to:

  • Make sure that your ads are being shown to the right people 
  • Build advertising audience
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

The more technical explanation of it from a digital marketing agency London would be that Pixel is a code you place on your website which works by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your Facebook ads. The data it collects helps a digital marketing agency to track conversations from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

What does Facebook pixel allow you to do?

For the many features of Facebook pixel our digital marketing agency will highlight some of the most effective ones:

  • Event tracking: Facebook pixel allows a digital marketing company to create specific events that occur on your website such as purchase, add payment info, add to cart, complete registration, subscribe, you name it. There are 17 standard events in total and the opportunity to create your own.
  • Create custom audiences: the example above can be used by a digital marketing agency to create an effective automated ad sequence off the back of a custom audience using the collected data. However, there are plenty of other options for custom audience building.
  • Conversation optimization: The pixel tracks data from people who complete purchases on your website and shows ads to similar people who it believes will also complete a purchase. 
  • Retargeting: as a digital marketing agency we recommend you to install pixel because it allows you to show relevant ads to people who have visited your website.
  • Create lookalike audiences: A digital marketing agency may have already built audiences with people who have similar interests, demographics and preferences. A Facebook pixel automatically creates custom audiences, this means you can instantly create large new lookalike audiences of people who are similar to those who have taken a specific desired action on your page.

The best advice a digital marketing agency can give you is to install Facebook pixel on your website as soon as possible because it is definitely not a process you can afford to miss. This is your best chance to optimize ads, retarget and build countless profitable audiences.

Digital Marketing, Social Media

Employee Advocacy on Facebook Explained by a Digital Marketing Agency

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As a digital marketing agency, we want to tell you what your secret marketing tool should be – your employees. Every digital marketing agency would report that employees are pretty often overlooked as simply the people who work for the company. However, your employees can be the best ‘influencers’ to broadcast and amplify business messages on Facebook and other social media channels.

What is Employee Advocacy?

The most straightforward definition a digital marketing agency can give you ‘employee advocacy’ is that it is the promotion of an organisation by its workforce. Employees can share information about specific products, campaigns or the company’s culture. As a digital marketing agency London, we guarantee this can help boost brand reputation and, as a bonus, make recruitment easier.

Why should you be doing it?

Firstly, employee advocacy can take many forms but as a digital marketing company will are focused on the most common and effective social media channels, one of which is Facebook. Your employees more than certainly already have profiles there, they are engaged in groups and communities where your brand is not being present. Some of them may even have more online reach and influence than your CEO or even your brand.

As a digital marketing agency, we believe in facts, so here are some you should take into consideration:

  • 72% of people reported feeling more connected with a brand when its employees shared information about it on social media1.
  • While only about 2% of employees reshare their company’s social posts, they are responsible for 20% of overall engagement2.

Moreover, every digital marketing agency will assure you your employees are the best people to generate positive exposure for your company. They have more knowledge about your products and services than any outsider. So, a digital marketing company considers employee advocacy to be as important as content and influencer marketing. There are many examples of companies that have successfully engaged in employee advocacy such as Dell, Intel, and IBM.

First steps to Employee Advocacy:

  1. An employee advocacy plan will only work if your company has a transparent culture of trust and freedom. Advocacy can’t be forced, nor can it be bought, and our digital marketing company stands strong behind this statement.
  2. Every single digital marketing agency will tell you that just like everything else in marketing, you need to start such a program by setting clear goals and KPIs. It is crucial to know what you want to achieve and how will you measure your achievements.
  3. It is vital for the success of the program to have clear guidelines that are easy to understand and easy to follow. As a digital marketing agency, we warn you not to impose those guidelines and turn them into restrictions of employee advocacy instead of a way to enable it.
  4. Last but not least, it is important for a digital marketing agency to stress the importance of ‘paying back’. It is easy to see how your company can benefit from such a program, but consider how do your employees benefit from it?
Digital Marketing, Social Media

The Digital Marketing Agency List of Facebook Post Types – Part 2

Every digital marketing agency appreciates the power of Facebook for marketing your business. Luckily, the platform offers a diverse range of content types you can use to build your perfect digital marketing campaign. In our first article The digital marketing agency list of Facebook posts types we introduced you to 5 main types:

Facebook text posts (status posts)

Facebook photo post

Facebook video post

Facebook Live video post

Linked content post

Here are a few other suggestions which a digital marketing company can integrate into your marketing strategy for better results!

Facebook poll post

As a digital marketing agency we know the power of asking a question in the process of engaging your audience on Facebook. Facebook poll posts take this idea even further. Those types of posts can be used by a digital marketing agency in building brand awareness for your business in a very soft-touched way for Facebook marketing.

Your followers are offered a chance to vote for one or two options in the poll and once voting is over, the results become public.

Facebook Stories

Many of the digital marketing agency use Stories more and more because their popularity has been growing dramatically in the last few years. Facebook stories can be a photo or short video posts that appear in the format of your telephone screen and disappears after 24 hours. Your followers will see your Story at the top of their News Feed or in Messenger and when they click on it will appear for five seconds if it’s a photo, and up to 20 seconds for a video.

Every digital marketing agency has been working hard to integrate Stories into the ultimate marketing strategy for a brand not only because the massive number of people who view Stories, but also because it allows you to connect with your audience easily. Also, since they appear on the News Feed, they are immune to the Facebook algorithms.

You can get a deeper insight on Stories, how to use them and some interesting ideas in our previous article Digital Marketing Agency Guide On Why You Should Use Stories .

Pinned post

A pinned post is simply a regular post that you ‘pin’ to the top of your business Facebook Page. A digital marketing agency would advise you to use it because this way you can turn a post of your preference into the first thing your audience will see when visiting your page. If you have that one unique piece of content, which has shown to be way better than the rest and stands out with improved performance, than we, a digital marketing agency, recommend you use this post which really captures your brand to show potential followers exactly why they should Like your Page.

A digital marketing company would also suggest using this space for sharing:

  • Important news
  • Showcase an engaging video
  • Raise awareness about a current ongoing campaign

You can change pinned posts whenever you want, so take this opportunity and use this tool to get people to engage with your brand now.

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